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Vishwakalyan School Educators Shine at Teachers Got Talent Awards

Mrs. Shilpa Shinde and Mrs. Swati Pethe, esteemed teachers from Vishwakalyan School, showcased their exceptional talents at the Teachers Got Talent awards held at Arora Towers near MG Road, Pune.

Selected from a pool of educators, the two teachers represented Vishwakalyan School, adding prestige to the institution. The event, which took place on November 26, 2023, provided a platform for teachers to exhibit their skills and innovative teaching methods.

Mrs. Shilpa Shinde presented a captivating session on Metric Measures, focusing on group 2 mathematics topics. The event witnessed an impressive gathering of over 110 teachers from 80 schools, with more than 30 distinguished principals serving as Grandmasters.

The meticulously organized session ran seamlessly, with each teacher allocated a two-minute slot to showcase their talents. Teachers had the opportunity to present their subjects using teaching aids or PowerPoint presentations, adding an interactive element to the event.

The Teachers Got Talent awards aimed to uncover the hidden talents of educators, fostering an environment where creativity and innovation in teaching could flourish. The success of the event is evident in the inspiration it has instilled in many teachers, with a growing interest in participating in future editions.

Mrs. Shilpa Shinde expressed immense pleasure at the chance to perform on such a grand platform and extended her gratitude to Vishwakalyan School for the opportunity. She specifically thanked the school's management and Principal, Dr. Deepali Shirgave, for their support and encouragement.

The event not only celebrated the talents of teachers but also highlighted the commitment of Vishwakalyan School to providing a platform for professional growth and development. As a result, the school is becoming a hub for educators keen on showcasing their expertise and learning from their peers.

Vishwakalyan School looks forward to continued success in fostering a culture of excellence and innovation in education, as demonstrated by the outstanding participation of Mrs. Shilpa Shinde and Mrs. Swati Pethe in the Teachers Got Talent awards.


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