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Victory through Motivation -Careerera offers appraisals to their employees despite Pandemic

As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak affecting companies in a wide range of industries, a global recession could be on the horizon. Several countries have been put on lockdown, and companies have been severely harmed. Leaders revisit many individuals and business decisions with extreme uncertainty because no one knows when the situation will improve. Making an exception, contrary to businesses opting to retrench or slash wages, Careerera has provided their efficient employees with appraisals and salary increments.

Coronavirus has had an effect on people's lives all over the world in recent months. India has more than 20,665,148 confirmed cases, with 226,188 deaths, according to the Health Ministry. In the midst of this pandemic, as most businesses are putting money aside for the future, Careerera is putting its workers first and providing them with appraisals. Employees who performed exceptionally well during the pandemic received appraisals in the month of March 2021. The company believes that a performance evaluation system is a valuable management method for gathering feedback, reviewing and estimating whether or not a person's performance is effective, and discussing what is required to be done to make it so.

In addition, since March 2020, the company hired a large number of employees and will continue to do so as plans and client requirements dictate. Employees who started working during the lockdown are completing their onboarding paperwork online.

“We believe that our employees are the driving force behind our success, so it is our duty to provide them with the appropriate resources. Therefore we provide routine appraisal to our employees as it improves overall performance by increasing employee morale, increasing efficiency, and developing a productive work atmosphere. We assume that employees who are a happy are more creative, imaginative, and committed than those who are unhappy. They are much more likely to stand around in the long run. We should remember that appraisals are not only meant for doing jobs really well but also for demonstrating one’s potential to do more in future” - Vivek K Singh, Co-founder and CEO Careerera.

Speaking enthusiastically about her appraisal Shruti Verma who is now a Team Leader of her sales team said, 'efforts well recognized by my organization, I am super excited to be promoted to a team leaders role for driving higher education professional courses across the globe another employee Amit Pandey who was also promoted was happy to share and said, 'I have been fortunate to learn so much and grow with this company. I am thrilled for the next step of

my career as the Vice-President of Technology sector at Careerera'.

About Careerera:

Careerera is one of the world’s finest live online education platforms to start Live Instructor lead classes for professional certification like Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Software Development, Project Management, Quality Assurance, etc. The Company has learners across 60+countries like North America, Canada, and Asia Pacific region. Careerera provides more than 100 professional certification courses. For more information visit


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