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IamHere, a new app to help you discover your neighbourhood with a click and creation of an Avatar.

Updated: May 7, 2021

I recently was introduced to this App through a friend who claimed to meet co-pet owners in Goa for know-hows around, to my surprise this app was much cooler than I expected but before I begin my detailed review, let me tell you that this app is fairly new and hence only selected few referential databases are found, which is good as well as boring maybe... let’s find out.

Download: This link was forwarded through my friend and then I got the app through the Play store, though simply searching the same through the App Store for iOS and Play store for android users is not a pain at all. One can log in using the contact number or via Google or Facebook account, I used my number as I keep forgetting my other passwords.

in the frame : Naren Kumar - co founder & Ceo, I am here

The app asks your device permissions for acquiring your accurate location and accessing your storage, a click and you enter a page with your map location, followed by options to discover your Neighbourhood.

Exploring: So here comes the main part, creating a profile, I kept it basic with a scenic picture and subtle description of an ‘Explorer’, post which I checked my Neighbourhood.

The Neighbourhood was created to locate my Circle, which is a group of people, professionals and NGOs united with a common interest.

The next part was to create an Avatar, i.e., every category had further levels to which you belonged, for eg., Books, Blogs & Writing is a ‘Circle’, while Author, Blogger, Book Publisher, Poet, Writer, etc are ‘Avatars’, that we create to be recognized in a Circle.

Usage: Once you enter any Circle, there are stories, posts and event invite related to the category. There was some refined humour spotted equally, surely some friends that I could make.

Chatting on the posts was easy and the anonymity was maintained, finally, I decided to hunt in the lockdown through IamHere to check if there were any places open to selling mushrooms at walking distance and guess what, we were four of us eager to get the same answers.

Wasn’t the quickest help but after 40 mins there was a comment by a friendly neighbour that I could try my luck through the backdoor of a local café located at a 100 metres distance. It was helpful indeed and I finally got myself some packets of mushrooms for just an extra 10Rs.

There is an array of Business networks and NGOs that one can get connected to for offering or expecting some help.

My next hunt would be to connect with some food NGOs around.

Privacy: The biggest concern arising with the growing virtual world is a privacy about the information shared and accessed via the App, I could reaffirm the anonymity maintained in interactions and no contact numbers shared via Circles unless interacting within a Business Circle, NGOs or hosting an event, which I wasn’t but fair for the access to network quickly. It also gives you an option to block anyone inappropriate and a person blocked by multiple people gets blacklisted.

Thereby so far IamHere seems like a fun and useful community to help and be resourceful within our neighbourhood.

you can download this app right here


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