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Understanding space is important in Cinema: Shaji Karun

Veteran Cinematographer and Director Shaji Karun underlined the importance of understanding space while making Cinema as time can travel back and forth in the medium.

71-year-old Karun was speaking at the Master Class "Thinking Images" during the 21st Pune International Film Festival, organised by the Pune Film Foundation and the Government of Maharashtra.

Samar Nakhate, Chairman, of the selection committee, PIFF interacted with Karun, whose film was the last Indian film which won accolades at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, at the PVR Icon, Pavillion on the Senapati Bapat Road. Pune Film Foundation Chairman and PIFF Director Dr Jabbar Patel were also present on occasion.

"Cinema is moving and there are no still images. Understanding space is important while making Cinema. Space can be used in different ways like colour, and music," Kollam-born Karun said stressing the importance of images in Cinema.

He also said that Cinema was not still it is moving and is a medium where time can travel backwards and even move forward.

"Image is an answer for motion. The focus should always be given while creating images as they have value. Once an image is created for cinema, it becomes history and you cannot remove it," Karun said.

"Observation is important, observe the life of people around you. Imagination is important to survive in the industry," he said as he advised young directors.

BOX: Well-known Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit along with her husband Dr Shriram Nene visited the 21st Pune International Film Festival (PIFF) on Sunday. In the afternoon, "Panchak", a Marathi film, produced by Madhuri Dixit's RNM Moving Pictures, was shown. The picture has been shortlisted in the Marathi Film competition category. Madhuri Dixit and her husband Dr Shriram Nene, who is the co-producer, were present for the film's screening.


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