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Triveni: A Harmonious Tapestry of Music and Dance Unfurls in Hyderabad

The enchanting notes of classical music and the graceful movements of dance took center stage as the Triveni Music & Dance Festival kicked off at Lalitha Kala Thoranam in Public Garden on a mesmerizing Friday night.

The inaugural evening paid tribute to the late Ustad Alka Rakha Qureshi, an illustrious Tabla maestro known for introducing the instrument to Western audiences. Posthumously honored with a lifetime achievement award, the prestigious accolade was graciously accepted by his son, Ustad Toufiq Qureshi, who later mesmerized the audience with his own performance.

The festival, conceptualized by the late Mohan Hemmadi in memory of his late wife Anuradha, unfolded as a heartfelt homage to their enduring legacy. Siddharth, son of Mohan Hemmadiji, shared the poignant journey behind the Triveni festival, highlighting its significance in celebrating the love and passion for Indian classical music instilled by his parents.

Surmandal, the organizing group formed in 1934 by music enthusiasts of Hyderabad under the guidance of Mohan Hemmadi, has been dedicated to promoting Indian classical music globally. Supported by Canara Bank and the Department of Culture, Government of Telangana, the three-day festival promises to be a testament to the rich cultural heritage.

Mohan Hemmadi's remarkable 53-year contribution to Hindustani Classical Music received accolades from Mamidi Harikrishna, Director of the Department of Language and Culture, Government of Telangana. The festival aims to continue his legacy by presenting top-notch musical events that showcase the depth and beauty of Indian classical music.

Highlight Performances:

  • Day One: Kum Shruti Katkuri (Sitar) and Kum Shreeja Katkuri (Santoor) set the tone with a captivating Sitar and Santoor recital, accompanied by Shri Vijay Kumar Panchal on Tabla. Pandit Yogesh Samsiji led a Percussion Melody with a stellar ensemble of artists.

  • Day Two (January 6th): The evening features the melodious voice of Miss Sunil Mishra, accompanied by Shri Ajeet Pathak on Tabla and Shri Rahul Deshpande on Harmonium at 6.30 pm.

  • Day Three (January 7th): The festival concludes with a heartwarming Carnatic Vocal performance by Master Aditya, an exceptional talent overcoming learning disabilities. The evening further unfolds with a Sarod recital by Shri Parthosarathi Choudhary, followed by a Kathak performance by the renowned Pandit Rajendra Gangani.

As the Triveni Festival continues, the enchanting melodies and captivating performances invite all to join in the celebration of classical arts, creating an immersive experience that resonates with the soul.

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