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Largest acquisition in TPA space: Medi Assist acquires 100% stake in Raksha Health Insurance

Medi Assist Insurance TPA Private Limited (referred to as “Medi Assist Insurance TPA”) has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire a 100% stake in Raksha Health Insurance TPA Private Limited (referred to as “Raksha Insurance TPA”). Founded in 2002 by the Late Mrs. Ritu Nanda, a visionary and philanthropist, Raksha Insurance TPA is a provider of comprehensive health benefit administration for corporates and retail policyholders. The transaction will be funded by Medi Assist Insurance TPA's internal accruals and is subject to regulatory approvals and customary closing conditions.

"We anticipate that, together with Medi Assist's human-centered and technology-powered approach, we will be able to help more insured customers receive better care, when and how they need it," said Mr. Pawan Bhalla, Managing Director of Raksha Insurance TPA.

"Access to health benefits is a top priority for a seamless experience. With Raksha, we see many opportunities to improve the quality of in-patient and out-patient care across the ecosystem," said Satish Gidugu, Director of Medi Assist Insurance TPA.

Medi Assist Insurance TPA is a health insurance-focused, technology-powered TPA that aims to provide access to medical benefits through a combination of in-person, digital, and virtual services. The management team of Raksha Insurance TPA will be integrated with Medi Assist Insurance TPA.

About Raksha Health Insurance TPA:

Raksha Insurance TPA has been providing comprehensive health benefit administration to corporates and retail policyholders since 2002 and is headquartered in the Delhi NCR region. The company has strong relationships and services that connect the insurer, insured, and provider.

Raksha Health Insurance TPA official website:

About Medi Assist Group:

Medi Assist is a technology-led health benefits administrator and TPA that focuses on servicing corporates, retail policyholders, and public health schemes. The company recently made its first cross-border acquisition.

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