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Tiger In Prowess – Durlav Sarkar

Team Stay Featured is Extremely Thankful to Mayaa SH for submitting this article

It is rightly said that the Sun rises in the East, and so is the man who has changed the modern-day dynamics of contemporary writing. Durlav Sarkar is a magnate, philanthropist, author, engineer at heart, world record holder, and gregarious and kind-hearted person. His creative intelligentsia is unparalleled to forecast the ability to see long distances both day and night to hunt literary talent in the country. Very akin to a mighty tiger, he has extreme sensitive capabilities in being a true empath in recognising the emotions of writers through their poetic expressions. The Shakespeare of modern-day writing has painted the canvas of life with an assemblage of metaphors set to garner the most beautiful flowers in a valley of Kindness and Gratitude.

Hailing from the City Of Joy, Durlav Sarkar wears the Indian fervour all over him with rich expressions reflected in the content of his writings. He has always endeavoured to blend it according to the attainment of an objective that is gathered from the cultural heritage of the country. His literary accomplishments reflect the vivid hues of the diversity of life and the beauty and melody of people of different interests. As the Founder of Inkzoid Foundation – a representation of an independent movement of a literary celebration of life, his eagle eye precision has always been to place the real talent of the country at an aggrandize of grandeur and ascension through awards and records. At Inkzoid he is not just the man of thousand creative ideas, but a man who has an integral part of his vision mapped to progress of the nation.

The most important leadership quality that he endows is his optimism in situations even challenging the Impossible. He is constantly determined both in grit and passion that he wears so effortlessly behind the light of his so many accomplishments in life. His optimism has led him to fulfilling his vision of doing something great for the country. He has reformed the thought process of many minds in the country concerning the basic definition of Talent. This is just an internal power of any individual to live his or her aspirations and the recognition of that talent is truly reflected in the magnetic eyes of Inkzoid. The First and Only Publication Recognised by OMG Book Of Records.

Durlav Sarkar’s vision of his creative genius “The Record” has been reflected via a world record of writing fifty-five rhyming sonnets within a month and not more than five minutes to complete. A dedicated soldier of championing the literary causes in the country, he has been bestowed with several accolades in his trophy of life with accomplishments like “Karamveer 2021”, “Global Face Of Entrepreneurship Awardee 2021”,” Flora Awards Awardee 2021”, “Youngest Safalta Talks Speaker”, for being an avid author and “The Only Indian Personality with twenty-three books dedicated to him In thirteen different languages ”, a philanthropist, “Asia’s youngest world record strategist “, a social worker and a role model for the youth. He is the youngest Bengali to receive the “Dadasaheb Phalke Award”.He is an extremely down-to-earth person and it is this quality of his that reflected upon his inward eye to set up an NGO by the name of Love All Serve All. Besides, he is also aligned with allowing budding authors, artists and photographers to ink their imagination to reality via the kaleidoscope of Inkzoid and its various units such as Bleed Your Ink, Golden Leaf Publication, The Quidditch Ink, Bleed Your Ink, Inspired Thoughts, The Clickers, The Golden Talent, etc. He also encourages participation in numerous awards such as “Go INKZODIAC AWARD”, ”Inkzoidopidia”, and” Inkzoid Book Of Record” via the four pillars of Hardwork Dedication, Creativity and Unity of him and his team members like Aryan Sharma and many more. Inkzoid Times provides an impetus to real talents in the country and their feature along with their lifetime repository of achievements.

"Land Of Diversity" is a World Record & National Record Book of his with Palak Dutta, Co-Founder Of INKZOID. This book consists of write-ups in thirty-five plus languages and features fifty-plus co-authors that created a new history. Apart from this “Durlav Sarkar-An Incredible Star" is a book written by Kammo which is dedicated to her inspiration, Durlav Sarkar who is the new face of entrepreneurship in Bengal. He got awarded by legendary actor, Shakti Kapoor for his entrepreneurship, INKZOID FOUNDATION as INKZOID was declared the ‘Best Publishing Start-up 2021’, and this award was dedicated to the DPIIT-Department of the central government of India and West Bengal Government in support of UNICEF and ICC.

"Yumna Gulvez - Our Little Champ" is a book dedicated to Yumna Gulvez by the founder of INKZOID FOUNDATION, Durlav Sarkar and his whole team. This was a small token of appreciation rendered to Yumna Gulvez in reminiscence and pursuit of her great work and tenacious perseverance towards the Inkzoid Family.

“As the mighty Ganges twirls in disemboguement Of her descend into the silent shores of time,

After a long journey of the mortal path cradled so vehement, In her reverie of thoughts set at the summits so sublime,

May All be liberated of delusion and ignorance of the world part, At Inkzoid as it sets to illuminate and meander all through the darkest part”

Just as the Ganga splits into seven streams after falling upon the head of Shiva, Prana (Life) also splits into seven breaths after entering the human body. Thus, Ganga symbolizes the flowing and purifying power of breath, similarly, Inkzoid -the vision of Durlav Sarkar symbolises Liberation of mind from fear and a representation of one of the most powerful platforms of contemporary literature through the VIBGYOR of seven colours representing the beauty of the universe.

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