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The sky is the 'INFINI': Paulomi Nimbalkar & Koushal George

Dear readers, we are here to share

Words from the Founders - Paulomi Nimbalkar & Koushal George

(Global Brand Ambassadors INFINI )

We live once,

but by helping the needy we can live our lives in thousands of ways.

The beginning is always hard, but when you believe in yourself to do something you can achieve your goals!

When we decided to work for the HIV+ community,

We got very little support in the beginning.

We left our jobs and used all our savings to support this community because talking about HIV is still a stigma in our country and no one is willing to raise a voice for them.

We faced many obstacles but those obstacles pushed us more towards our goals, In India, we have seen and thought to stand by fighting against HIV, not with the people who are suffering from HIV. And Preaching and spreading awareness for this.

INFINI believes in teamwork.

We have the best team working together and fighting against HIV AIDS. Our team is doing all the possible ways to spread awareness and trying their best to reach out to more and more people on and off the field, so we can save many lives from HIV Especially the Youth.

This journey is full of obstacles but with the best team working together for this mission to take this revolutionary moment to a global level and make our country proud.

We request everyone to join our team and save our country from HIV.


India ranks among the top Countries For HIV and AIDS among 195 Countries in the world.

The most affected age group is between 13-34 in India. Due to a lack of knowledge about AIDS - the number is rapidly increasing every year but many people out there aren't getting themselves checked. This is the major reason for the Virus Spreading in India.

The Nation’s Youth is getting affected in Larger Numbers. So it is very important to be aware of the Youth and Provide proper Guidance to stay safe.

Our Team is working towards this Mission of Awareness campaign - "Get Yourself Tested at least once in a Year"

We support HIV AIDS orphans and underprivileged people.

With Skill Workshops on Interest-Based.

INFINI is also working on a social cause to eradicate illiteracy. We reach out to underdeveloped areas to get them skilled and develop an awareness of their rights and other acquirable diseases.

We aim to develop skills in all the generations of the HIV Community - KIDS, ADULTS, OLD GROUP & Families.

Our Story

We were working for ourselves as everyone does. But one day, we came across a little group of children who were looking very weak.

We couldn't see them in that condition. So we reached out to know more about what's wrong with their health.

And then later on they revealed their HIV status. Later on, we met their Families. Few of them were less than 4 years to the ones who were 60 years old. And then we met the whole Community of HIV+ orphans and more HIV Families.

There are many stories of every individual. Many of them didn't even know that when they got affected.

By seeing them and knowing them we decided to begin our Revolutionary Moment.

And here we are today!

We work for the Social cause and on Awareness Camps for HIV on Global Level For Free.

We have visited Schools, Colleges, Societies, Offices, and Villages to aware people of the Retrovirus – AIDS.

We have held –

HIV Awareness Camps

(Majorly Working on HIV, Sex Workers, Transgenders).

Future Plans

We are Attempting a World Record in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

We Would Like to Call all the Countries, Organizations, Educational institutes, International News and Media and others to Come and Join us for This Biggest Mission and To Create The Largest Painting for HIV Community.

We Need Your Support and We Can Do it All Together.

You can come forward to SUPPORT us

Voluntarily and in all the ways you can.

Come and Join us Today!

Contact us at –

91309 29049.

This is the social media page



Website -

Join us & Be a part of the Revolutionary Movement.

Let's change the world together!


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