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Romi Advani's Story: From Humble Roots to Motivational Success

In 1947, during the partition of India and Pakistan, many families were displaced and forced to migrate across the new borders. Romi Advani's parents were among them, leaving Sindh to settle in India with little more than hope and resilience. They made their new home in Nagda, a small town in Madhya Pradesh. Romi Advani grew up here, immersed in a Hindi-speaking community and attending a school where English was a second language. English felt distant and unfamiliar, but she couldn't have predicted how important it would become in her life.

At the age of 20, Romi Advani married Ravinder Advani, who had been educated in a convent school and spoke flawless English. He was accustomed to Western customs, such as eating with a knife and fork, while Romi Advani came from a background where Hindi was the common language and English was barely spoken. The cultural shift was overwhelming, leaving Romi Advani feeling out of place and hesitant to engage in social settings. She often retreated into silence during gatherings with Ravinder's family and friends, unsure of how to adapt to the unfamiliar environment.

Romi Advani knew she needed to change. She invested in a dictionary, English books, and newspapers to improve her language skills. A mentor advised her to practice speaking English in front of a mirror and to think in English. This process was challenging, but with time and persistence, Romi Advani's fluency grew. Although her accent needed work, she tackled it by reading articles aloud to her husband, who helped her refine her pronunciation.

The dinner table presented another obstacle. In her family, eating with a knife and fork was rare, but in Ravinder's family, it was the standard. Romi Advani felt too shy to ask for guidance, so she took it upon herself to learn. She would lock herself in her room with crisp toast, practicing with a knife and fork for hours. It took a month of diligent effort, but she eventually mastered the technique, allowing her to fit in with her new family.

Romi Advani's journey from struggling with English and etiquette to becoming confident in both areas was remarkable. Her experience motivated her to help others facing similar challenges, leading her to become a motivational speaker and share her story of transformation.

Years later, just as Romi Advani settled into her role as a mother of three daughters and grandmother, life had another surprise in store. A young, caring person with a golden heart entered her life, reminding her that age is just a number and that she could continue to pursue her passions. This renewed Romi Advani's enthusiasm for life, encouraging her to keep teaching, singing, and dancing.

Today, Romi Advani proudly holds the TZP Maa Award, a recognition of her achievements as a mother, grandmother, and motivational speaker. Her journey from humble beginnings to a respected figure in her community is a powerful testament to her resilience and determination, inspiring others to overcome their fears and embrace the unknown.

Now her goal of life is to continue her legacy to inspire people and make each and every individuals precious and good human beings in their life .


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