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The connection between ethics & legal business: Arunima Jha

Can an ethic violation derail your business? In simple words, an ethics violation would kill your business. It doesn't matter how big your team is if you start violating the ethics. Once exposed, the whole thing falls apart like a house of cards. I was once exposed to a multi-level business wherein the parent company pointed out how the subsidiary business was not set up properly. Shockingly, the billing was really affected.

Any public record of disrepute affects your business tremendously. Obviously, more major violations may even lead to getting you disbarred from legal practice vis-à-vis when you miss a commitment deadline, fail to perform competently, abandon a client, etc. but it all leads to a slap on the wrist. For me, it really doesn't matter which rule got violated but anything that affects the business is a red flag that goes up. Nobody wants to see that in a lawyer they have hired. This may even lead to a big consequence.

But, what happens when you're disciplined. Clients see that and even the court does. Now, is it even feasible to be a purely ethical attorney? Can you follow every rule? Yes, definitely.

Sometimes that may be a nuisance at the moment but it is always good for the business. Clients also appreciate it when you are careful. It is good to be known as someone who sticks up for following all rules.

You may ask, what are the action items as a newbie? Ethics is imperative for continuing the business of lawyering. The first step is to know your jurisdiction and laws. Secondly, follow legal updates on social media. It is not possible to keep a tab on every law, so the easier way is to read the news snippets and legal updates regularly.

Lastly, find someone to talk to about your stress when lawyering gets overwhelming. Do not burn out while serving as a lawyer.

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