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Team Stay Featured felt happy after an Amazing Session with Amazing Personality Shreyaa Sumi

We are always pushing at the horizons of the art of the possible and are redefining the nature of creative exposures on social media worldwide. That's why Stay featured organized a discussion about Social Media Vs Success.

The team stay featured was happy to host Mrs Shreyaa Sumi for today's live session. Shreyaa Sumi was already the winner of various pageants at a different level. she acted in various ads as well We witnessed the priceless attendance of Poet Vishav Sharma, Entrepreneur Vasundhara Garg, Youtuber Shashank Dixit Discussion goes high with music when Anshpreet Singh and Karandeep Singh added their vocals to refresh the mood.

This session was a complete outlook of the battle of success vs social media. Our guest Shreyaa Sumi, completely engaged us with all those honest opinions and facts Despite a lot of hurdles while dealing with coverage issues, she managed to do justice with all spontaneous questions asked by the audience and host

Prachetan Potadar.

To know more about the journey of Mrs Shreyaa Sumi, visit this article,

If you want to revisit what we learned from the interview, these are IGTV links

Part 1

Part 2

You can follow our guest, Mrs Shreayaa Sumi on this Instagram Link:


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