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T-Series recognizes Singer and Songwriter Apernah: a young honor in the Music Industry

Singer and Songwriter Apernah has been in the profession since 2019. The song 'DHAK DHAK KARNE LAGA' is about transforming an artist, an amicable resolution, genuinely acknowledged by Mr Kishan Kumar, T-Series. This song is composed by Music Director Harry Anand. He is known for his famous songs, to name a few, Kata Laga, Kaliyon Ka Chaman, Koi Sehri Babu, etc.

Apernah is an INFJ person, and that's why her first song INFJ is a page out of her diary. With her work, Apernah wants to show the world the strength a woman carries, surging herself and hopes it inspires girls to be more independent and pursue their dreams. Even her family didn't know of her singing and songwriting talent until she sent them the song; they had never heard her sing before.

Writing things down, relating to the music, Apernah's music is definitely for the tasteful music lovers. As a multidimensional career-focused artist, she is a known model and actor. She has been in TVC's for Idea 4G, Lakmé, Radio Mirchi, Oppo, Max Fashion, and has modelled for Inega, Elan, Toabh, etc.

We have seen T-series producing modern and notable undiscovered talent for decades. Mr Kumar applauded the self-taught singer-songwriter and poet after looking at her work. Mr Krishan Kumar says, "She's pretty original, contemptuously reliable, and testifies to endure uniqueness towards any specific genre. Her devotion to her mission to yield remarkable highlights of her self-written songs is overwhelming."

Apernah is currently working on a song, 2 OTT movies, and one feature film. Her work has made her unstoppable at this young age. Filmmakers have also approached her for her musicology and creativity in producing strains and poems in unconventional patterns.

Please find the song:


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