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Sonal Jhajj: A Messenger of Healing and Transformation

The Antara Method: A Journey of Spiritual Healing and Transformation

Being a Universal Shamanic Healer: Exploring the Path to Inner Peace and Healing Illnesses that defy conventional treatment often lead to a spiritual initiation process, disrupting normal life and prompting withdrawal from the mundane world. As a Universal Shamanic Healer, I have traversed this transformative state after years of experience, encountering physical, psychological, and spiritual challenges that allowed me to embrace and integrate the most difficult moments of my existence. Through silent meditation and introspection, I have embarked on a quest for the mysteries of life, gaining new levels of awareness and liberation from self-imposed restrictions and oppressive environments.

Recognizing that each physical challenge, emotion, and person crossing my path has propelled my personal evolution, I have learned to navigate life with inner peace and trust in my own healing energies. Channeling the universal life forces more freely, I have discovered astonishing abilities within myself, leading to a higher purpose and a destiny beyond my previous imaginings. With these enhanced healing energies, I have had the privilege of assisting individuals grappling with complex mental issues and disharmony in their lives, all while making a lasting contribution to the world.

The Antara Method: An Integration of Self-Experienced Spiritual Healing Energies The Antara Method is the culmination of my own spiritual healing journey, nurtured by focused intention during deep meditation and self-retreats. In a brainwave state attuned to cosmic vibrations and natural resonance, I transmit my intentions to communicate with my body, unleashing a greater power and direction. Supported by the Earth, universe, and cosmos forces, and in cooperation with my physical body and soul, I find myself capable of manifesting profound emotional, mental, and physical healing on a spiritual and universal level.

Overcoming Challenges: A Testament to the Depth of Healing Powers

The most challenging times have tested my healing abilities, particularly when I aided over 150 COVID patients. During these moments, my mind, soul, and body underwent a profound shift, allowing the entrance of universal energies into the core of my being. Extreme severe health conditions and emotional turmoil experienced by others have deepened my healing powers, enabling me to reach profound levels of transformation.

Embracing the Living Universal Energy Field

We exist within a living universal energy field, where every action we take is accountable through our karmas. Our thoughts, deeds, and external projections can create imbalances in our lives. Therefore, it becomes essential to cleanse our karmas, to achieve a harmonious balance. The reflection of our thoughts and actions can be seen in our faces, serving as a mirror to our souls. Our souls bear witness to our every thought and deed, as everything we sow becomes planted in the garden of our bodies, shaping our lives.

Conscious Cooperation with the Universal Energy Field

Each one of us has the capacity to become aware of this universal energy field and learn to cooperate with it. By doing so, we can overcome challenges and fulfill our higher destinies in this life. It is through this conscious cooperation that we unlock the power to shape a beautiful life, embracing the interconnectedness of our souls with the vast cosmic forces that surround us.

Sonal Jhajj: A Messenger of Healing and Transformation

In my journey as a Universal Shamanic Healer and the creator of the Antara Method, I humbly serve as a messenger of healing and transformation. Guided by spiritual experiences, I aim to empower individuals to embark on their own paths of self-discovery, tapping into the profound healing energies that lie within. Together, we can unlock the true potential of our souls and create a harmonious existence in alignment with the universal energy field.


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