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'Sochu' children's book set released.

In the past, older people in a family used to introduce moral values ​​by telling them stories. Children were nurtured through different children's stories. But today the situation is different. These days children are becoming addicted to the internet and cell phones. In fact, the children love the story as much as their favourite snack. Then a thought came to the minds of the three young men from Pune Deven Gandhi, Vilas Algude and Chetan Vohra that if we make this food nutritious and interesting, it is because these three friends had a goal to do something concrete for the little ones. They wanted to do something for the holistic development of children that would be non-violent and conducive to the mental growth of children.

When they thought about it, they realized that there is a lack of reading in mainstream entertainment for children. The thought of ​​creating a book came from the idea that it is not possible to take children away from the world of the internet so something can be done to generate interest in reading. From this thought came the concept of bookmaking and a seven-year-old 'Sochu' who represents the present generation was formed! Now the book is ready for children to read. Chetan Vohra explained the concept behind the book at a press conference that was held recently.

Who is Sochu?

Sochu means a Thinker. Like every animal has a specific quality to survive. Birds have wings, fish have gills, tigers have claws, and humans have the ability to think. Sochu solves his problems by thinking. So through thinking, we want to inculcate the idea that “thinking is for everyone and thinking can be a lot of fun”. Currently, the Sochu storybook has twelve stories written by Deven, Vilas and Chetan that relate to our daily lives. The idea behind the creation of Sochu is to bring about positive change in children. Cartoons are an integral part of the children's world of entertainment so the book Sochu has been produced in illustrated form. Everyone will like Sochu who promotes non-violence, friendship, love, and knowledge along with a happy and healthy life. Now Sochu is all set to enhance the thought process.


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