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Written by - Sananshika Malik

When it comes to the ever-evolving landscape of event tech and management, Shivam Video has carved out a niche for itself. The firm stands as a stalwart in an extremely challenging arena transforming the event experience with cutting-edge audiovisual solutions and a commitment to surpass their patrons' expectations. Known for weaving innovation and expertise into every facet of its services since its inception in 1995, Shivam Video, under the leadership of its founder, Mr. Yoginder Singh, is a dedicated and agile Juggernaut, comprising a team with highly skilled technicians, supervisors, managers, and workers trained to handle the most demanding events with finesse. The core ethos driving their endeavours encapsulates the motto: "To exceed client expectations."

Shivam Video's journey, spearheaded by Mr. Singh, is a testament to their unwavering dedication to excellence. For over two decades, they have cultivated a legacy of providing top-notch services and technology for a diverse range of events. Whether corporate gatherings, exhibitions, or virtual events in the age of uncertainty, Shivam Video has consistently delivered unparalleled experiences that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.

The commitment of the enterprise to excellence is deeply rooted in its premium services. A proud owner of one of the largest fleets of LED, LFD Wall, Multitouch, and interactive audiovisual technology available for hire within the events and exhibition industry, Shivam Video ensures that its offerings extend beyond mere aesthetics. Their services are crafted to make events not only visually striking but also memorable, measurable, and profitable. From stunning Indoor LED displays to interactive screens infused with lead-capture software, and high-end video presentation walls controlled by a simple click, Shivam Video empowers clients to shape the perfect event experience for their most crucial audiences.


Shivam Video stands as a pioneer in the realm of cutting-edge visual experiences, showcased through an extraordinary body of work that spans diverse industries and prestigious events. Renowned for its state-of-the-art LED installations, Shivam Video has etched its mark across iconic moments, collaborating with esteemed clients to elevate their events.

From crafting a captivating outdoor LED Wall for the Backstreet Boys' DNA World Tour in India to providing a PL4 Pro Outdoor LED Wall for the Alan Walker Tour 2022, Shivam Video has consistently delivered immersive experiences. The Arch LED Wall at Tech Spark 23 for 'Your Story,' the Anamorphic 3D LED Gate at the Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance Day, and the Seamless LFD Walls for Maruti Suzuki Invicto launch are testaments to their innovation and precision.

Notable collaborations extend to industry giants like Nayara Energy, Lulican, Glenmark, Indian Railway Finance Corporation, Suhana Masala, Hyundai, Ashok Leyland, BYD, and more at Auto Expo 2023. The list further includes significant contributions to events graced by dignitaries such as Hon'ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi, evident in their AV support for Vi's 5G launch at India Mobile Congress 2022.

Shivam Video's portfolio encompasses a diverse spectrum, from tech extravaganzas like the KIA National Dealer Conference 2022 and One PLUS 10T 5G Premier Launch Event to the glitz of Lakme Fashion Week and the corporate finesse of De Beers Forever Mark 2022 Forum. With each endeavour, Shivam Video continues to redefine visual excellence and immersive experiences, solidifying its reputation as an industry leader.


Shivam Video collaborates with a diverse range of clients, each with unique needs and expectations. Their approach to account management is a testament to their adaptability and commitment to delivering on time and within budget.

1. Event & Production Companies:

Shivam Video takes pride in its collaborative approach to account management, working closely with event and production companies. Their commitment is evident in ensuring that every event is executed with precision – on time, within budget, and enriched with the latest event technology. Event and production companies trust Shivam Video to seamlessly integrate the latest event technology, ensuring every event is a resounding success.

2. Exhibition Organizers & Exhibitors:

With a rich history of contributing to thousands of exhibitions worldwide, Shivam Video understands the intricate pressures and deadlines associated with such shows. Their expertise lies in working seamlessly with exhibition organizers, providing cutting-edge LED and LFD Wall solutions to elevate the overall event experience. Exhibition organizers and exhibitors benefit from Shivam Video's expertise in providing LED and LFD Wall solutions. The pressure and deadlines associated with exhibitions worldwide are met with a level of professionalism and technological prowess that sets Shivam Video apart in the industry.

3. Corporate and Blue Chip Companies:

For corporate entities and blue-chip companies, Shivam Video offers unparalleled technology and support for exhibitions and events globally. Their solutions cater to the high-end requirements of these esteemed clients, ensuring a seamless integration of technology into every event. Corporate and blue-chip companies turn to Shivam Video for high-end technology solutions that match the calibre of their events. Shivam Video's support for exhibitions and events on a global scale demonstrates its capability to meet the demands of even the most prestigious clients.

4. Design Agencies:

Shivam Video recognizes the pivotal role of marketing in building a brand image. Their visually interactive LED displays and kiosk solutions offer design agencies an innovative way to promote brands and captivate audiences. Thus, design agencies find a valuable partner in Shivam Video when it comes to promoting brands through visually interactive LED displays and kiosks. The marriage of technology and design creates a powerful tool for building and enhancing brand images.

5. Digital Marketing Companies:

In the era where digital marketing reigns supreme, Shivam Video provides avant-garde AV equipment solutions to enhance brand awareness. Their offerings align seamlessly with the new industry standards, providing a visually compelling edge to digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing companies, recognizing the importance of innovative AV equipment solutions, find a reliable ally in Shivam Video as their offerings align seamlessly with the evolving standards of the digital marketing landscape, providing a visual edge to brand awareness campaigns.

6. Virtual Events & Studio:

Adapting to the demands of the times, Shivam Video has stepped into the realm of virtual events with expertise and cutting-edge technologies. From live music events to virtual exhibitions and seminars, Shivam Video's experience and technological prowess make them leaders in crafting diverse virtual experiences. Their commitment to staying at the forefront of event technology is evident in their seamless transition to the virtual realm.


The heartbeat of success at Shivam Video resonates through the dedicated individuals who form the core of this dynamic team. Comprising highly skilled technicians, supervisors, managers, and creative minds, the team at Shivam Video is the driving force behind every awe-inspiring event they bring to life.

At the helm of this dedicated ensemble is a shared commitment to excellence, a commitment deeply embedded in the DNA of Shivam Video since its inception in the mid-nineties. This team understands that success is not just about delivering cutting-edge audiovisual solutions but about crafting experiences that linger in the memories of those who attend.

Each member of the Shivam Video family brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the table, contributing to the vibrant creativity that defines the company. From meticulously planning the logistics of an event to seamlessly integrating the latest technology, the team collaborates harmoniously to ensure every detail aligns with the client's vision.

The dedication doesn't end when the curtains fall; it extends to post-event evaluations and continuous improvement. This team's hunger for innovation, coupled with a relentless pursuit of perfection, sets the stage for Shivam Video's continual evolution. It's the dedicated team at Shivam Video that transforms visions into reality, setting new benchmarks in the industry and ensuring that each event surpasses expectations. Their dedication is not just a virtue; it's the cornerstone of Shivam Video's unwavering success


Shivam Video's journey from 1995 to the present is a testament to its commitment to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction. As a pioneering force in the event technology industry, Shivam Video under the visionary leadership of Mr. Yoginder Singh, whose business acumen enabled the enterprise to capitalize on the New Economic Reforms to the fullest, continues to illuminate events with technological brilliance, setting the stage for unforgettable experiences. Mr Singh's entrepreneurial journey is a benchmark for startup and business enthusiasts, one of his sons Mr. Shivam Singh is honouring brilliantly by following in his father's footsteps and building upon the foundation of a magnificent corporate edifice his father has laid.


Shivam Singh, the visionary heir is not only walking in his father's shoes but is also propelling Shivam Video to new heights. Born into a world where technological brilliance and event excellence are the cornerstones of the family business, Shivam Singh has seamlessly stepped into his role as a torchbearer of innovation. From an early age, Shivam Singh was immersed in the vibrant atmosphere of events and technology. Witnessing his father's dedication and the company's commitment to exceeding client expectations, Shivam Singh imbibed the values that have become synonymous with Shivam Video.

Shivam Singh's journey within Shivam Video has been marked by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a commitment to honing his skills. He recognized the importance of staying abreast of the latest technological advancements and industry trends, ensuring that Shivam Video remains at the forefront of event technology.

Under the mentorship of his father, Shivam Singh delved into every aspect of the business, gaining insights into account management, client relations, and the intricate details of event execution. This hands-on approach has not only equipped him with practical knowledge but has also instilled a deep appreciation for the meticulous planning and execution that defines Shivam Video's events.

Shivam Singh's leadership has brought a fresh perspective to Shivam Video. While honouring the rich legacy, he has infused the company with a spirit of innovation, exploring new technologies and creative solutions that elevate the event experience. One of his many significant contributions has been the strategic expansion of Shivam Video's services. Recognizing the evolving landscape of virtual events, he seamlessly integrated cutting-edge technologies to offer a diverse range of virtual experiences. From live-streamed concerts to interactive virtual exhibitions, he has positioned Shivam Video as a frontrunner in adapting to the changing dynamics of the event industry.

Building on the foundation laid by his father, Shivam Singh has fostered collaborations with a diverse clientele. Whether working with event and production companies, exhibition organizers, or corporate entities, he has upheld Shivam Video's commitment to delivering events that surpass expectations. His approach to account management mirrors his father's dedication to precision and client satisfaction. By understanding the unique needs of each client, he ensures that every event is tailored to meet and exceed their specific requirements. The convergence of technology and creativity is a hallmark of Shivam Singh's vision for Shivam Video.

His dedication to providing premium services is evident in the company's vast fleet, which includes state-of-the-art LED displays, LFD Walls, Multitouch screens, and interactive audiovisual technology. Under Shivam Singh's leadership, Shivam Video continues to push boundaries, offering clients not only visually striking events but also experiences that are memorable, measurable, and profitable. High-end video presentation walls, seamlessly controlled with a click, reflect Shivam Singh's commitment to delivering events that exude sophistication and modernity.

As Shivam Singh propels Shivam Video to new heights, he remains guided by the values instilled by his father – a commitment to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction. The journey of Shivam Singh within Shivam Video is not just a story of succession but a narrative of evolution, where tradition meets transformation.

In the hands of this visionary heir, Shivam Video continues to illuminate events with technological brilliance, setting the stage for a future where each moment is extraordinary. As Shivam Singh takes the helm, the legacy of Shivam Video is not only preserved but also propelled towards a horizon of endless possibilities.

In a world where events experience at times transcend physical realities, Shivam Video emerges as a trusted partner, transforming visions into awe-inspiring realities. Their legacy of innovation, combined with a commitment to excellence, propels them to the forefront of the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of event technology.


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