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'Saath Sobat' will be released on January 13 All Over Maharashtra

The Marathi film 'Saath Sobat', which has been in the news since the teaser till the trailer release, has created curiosity in the minds of the audience and will be released on January 13 across Maharashtra. Made on the basis of rich plot, meaningful dialogues, picturesque locations, realistic picture, captivating camerawork, smooth direction, strong acting and quality production values, 'Saath Sobat' is getting appreciation from the audience even before the release. National award winning director Ramesh More has directed the movie 'Saath Sobat'.

Presented by Prasanna Vaidya, 'Saath Sobat' is produced by Dhanji Maru under the banner of Maru Enterprises. Along with directing, 'Saath Sobat' has also been written by director Ramesh More. Sameer Dixit and Hrishikesh Bhirangi of Pickle Entertainment will look after the distribution of the film across Maharashtra. Presenting the reality of Konkan, this film will have a global theme. It has a touch of a beautiful love story added to it. This is a film that shows how terrible the reality is at the village level and the harsh truth of the situation in areas like Konkan. Ramesh More has always preferred to make films on socially oriented topics. 'Saath Sabot' is not an exception.

Many lessons are taught by the old-aged doctor played by Mohan Joshi and the young doctor played by Sangram Samel. He is well supported by Mrunal Kulkarni despite being a newcomer. Seeing the father played by Anil Gavas as well as Rajdutt at 90 years of age is an inspiration for today's generation. Actors like Amol Redij, Dilip Asurdekar have also acted in this film. As all the actors have got the right cast, the discussion has started that More's film will also be a game-changer in award ceremonies.

The meaningful songs written by Ramesh More along with his wife Yashshree More are in harmony with the flow of the plot. Composer Mahesh Naik has given melodious music for these songs. The nature of Chiplun-Sawarde in Konkan and its surroundings is mesmerizing. Cinematography by DOP Harshal Kantak and composition by Abhishek Mhaskar are superb. The red stoned (Chirebandi) houses, the mud houses add up to the beauty of the film.

Music composer Mahesh Naik has also given background music. Santosh Chari and Satish Bhavsar have done the makeup and Yashshree More has done the costumes. Art Director Prakash Kamble has done the art direction, while Meenal Ghag has handled the dual responsibility of choreography and hairdressing. Kaushik Maru and Yashshree More are executive producers of 'Saath Sobat'.


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