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Ruturaj Agawane narrated his "Bucket List " through Travelling Modes of Live Session

It's not the session -It was just the Mountains & a few of us!

As a Team Stay Featured, it was an amazing session, in Marathi, where we had Mr Ruturaj Agawane, as our Guest.

We had a time of our lifetime - talking about trekking, a bit to reach a little higher up, gasping for breathing yet singing the most melodious songs, and then almost rolling down these slopes to reach the homes through Instagram live.

Ruturaj answered a lot of tricky questions related to trekking, mountaineering, rock climbing, and maintenance of our real heritage, Sahyadri.

He appreciated performances by Karandeep Singh and Ankit Khatri and wished them all the best for a bright future.

Ruturaj was extremely active while responding to a lot of challenging questions raised by Writer and Poetess Shiddat, at the end of the live session.

Ruturaj Sir, we are waiting for you, right after this lockdown ...

If you want to rewind the memories of today's session :

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