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Release of the Short Film 'Azadi Ke Rang' shined Independence Day

On the occasion of Independence Day, Crescenta Productions has released a short film 'Azadi Ke Rang' in a private program in the presence of a limited number of people.

"Azadi Ke Rang" is a beautiful short film that tells us that August 15 is not a holiday but the happiest day in the history of India. The producer, writer and director of this short film is Shoni Virdi.

The cinematography has been done by Sumit Yende and the voice-over by Amish Pathak. Makeup done by Sangeeta Patil and composed by V. Mishra. Pratibha Single, a female constable from Beed, has played the role of Mother India in this short film, along with child actors Ashish Giri, Pranav Harjani, Ajit Tutika and other local artists from Pune. Through the short film, director Shoni Virdi has given an important message to respect the national flag of India and not to forget the people who sacrificed for freedom.


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