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Planning for a head shave? Here’s all you need to know!

Deciding on an ideal head shaving regime may differ from one individual to another depending on their specific preferences and needs. While some prefer to have all the latest shaving products in their shaving kits, others like to keep it minimal with a bare head shaver and lathering agent.

Grooming brands have launched an exclusive range of head shaving products due to the increasing popularity of bald hairstyles. Products in these ranges are solely aimed at enhancing the head shaving experience. However, with great variety follows the confusion of choosing the best and essential shaving products.

Although there are people who stock up their shaving kits with expensive and latest shaving supplies, there’s no compulsion to it as such. For a smooth head shave, one doesn’t necessarily have to use all shaving products that are available on the market. A few basic shaving essentials along with the right techniques are enough to ensure a quick and effortless head shave.

There are a variety of tools and techniques for head shaving that one can choose from. There’s no ‘one size fits in this regard. Some people prefer to have a quick shave while some like to shave it really close and smooth. Along with other shaving products, choosing the right shaving tool is vital too. Well, of course! One cannot begin to head shave without a proper head shaving tool. The market is flooded with a variety of advanced head shaving tools such as an electric head shaver, safety razor, etc.

Essentials of a Head shaving kit

As discussed earlier, head shaving is different for each individual. There’s no one way or certain specific products that would guarantee a smooth head shave. However, there are a few very basic essentials that shouldn’t go missing in your head shaving kit. More additions to the head shaving kit can be made depending on personal preferences. So, if you are planning to head shave all by yourself, make sure to add the following 4 basic essentials to your head shaving kit right away.

  • Head shaver: A quality head shaver is the first and most important content of a head-shaving kit. Without a proper head shaver, one cannot begin or get done with a head shave. The two widely used shaving tools are traditional razors and modern electric head shavers. There are a lot of differences in opinion and preferences when it comes to picking the right head shaver which we’ll discuss later in the blog.

  • Lathering agent: The purpose of a lathering agent is to nourish and prepare the scalp surface for a smooth head shaving experience. Not using a lathering agent can make the skin dry, itchy, and prone to rashes. Applying the lathering agent before shave helps in building a rich lather for a long and indulgent shave.

  • Pre-shave oil: Pre-shave oil is ideal for people with sensitive skin or who are conscious about their scalp health. Using a pre-shave oil before shaving opens the pores and flushes out the oil and bacteria that cause blockages. Also, pre-shave oils soften the dry and rough hairs to ensure a smooth razor glide across the head surface.

  • After-shave lotion: After the head shave is done, the razored scalp requires some form of an antiseptic or nourishing lotion to calm the skin surface. Using a quality aftershave lotion after shaving ensures that the skin is moisturized and healthy after the shave is over. Neglecting this can lead to a bruised scalp region that can make your head look and feel awful.

Electric head shaver or traditional razor?

Although traditional razors have been around for the longest time, modern head shavers are gaining huge popularity in recent times. A lot of people have now switched to an electric head shaver due to the convenience and practicality it offers. Unlike traditional razors, these modern head shavers facilitate a quicker and smoother head shave requiring minimal effort. However, much like most grooming products, choosing the ideal head shaving tool is a very personal choice. The decision should depend on what you expect from your shave.

For instance, if you are looking for a shaving tool that offers speed, efficiency, and versatility, an electric head shaver should be your pick. On the other hand, if your preference is more toward a close shave that may include a few razor burns and nicks, getting a traditional razor is the most viable solution for you.

There are a variety of grooming factors that you can consider before making choosing between modern head shavers and traditional razors. Shave quality, time, portability, and skin type are a few basic criteria that must be well-assessed before making the purchase decision.

Above all, budget plays a vital role here due to the significant price difference between a traditional and modern head shaver. Electric head shavers require a one-time investment that fetches utility in the long run whereas traditional razors are economical but require frequent replacements.


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