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Planet Marathi coming with a “June” movie at world’s first Marathi OTT platform on 30 June.

The world’s first Marathi OTT platform is arriving with a “June” movie on Planet Marathi OTT on 30 June.

Marathi viewers are going to have a blast “June in June “

"The world’s first Marathi OTT platform, “Planet Marathi OTT “- ‘Ma Manacha, Ma Marathicha ‘ is ready to launch." words from Planet Marathi, CEO,

Akshay Bardapurkar, announces the first film released on Planet Marathi OTT that is “June “. The film starring Siddharth Menon and Neha Pendse. The film will be released on 30 June 2021 on OTT. Also, there are more films, web shows, series, and lots of entertainment programs upcoming on the platform, says Akshay.

Meanwhile, Planet Marathi will launch its OTT platform in two phases. The ‘Pay per View' Option will be available to the subscribers and there will be a minimal subscription fee.

Also, Planet Marathi is ready to release their upcoming two projects, “Gosht Eka Paithechi" and “Chandramukhi”.

Akshay said, mostly these two will have a theatrical release, but if the situation gets worse till December 2021, they will be releasing ‘Gosht Eka Paithechi “on OTT.


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