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Singing sensation Soumita Saha announced her 4th virtual Solo Exhibition "Envisaging Michael"

Michael Jackson is not just an Artist, Michael is an Emotion. Twelve years ago today, the world lost a gifted artist and extraordinary humanitarian, Michael Jackson on 25th June. The death of Jackson was a massive cultural phenomenon, bringing an outpouring of public affection and revival of his songs and largely erasing the taint that remained after his criminal trial, despite his acquittal. As a tribute to the " King of Pop ", singing sensation Soumita Saha announced her 4th virtual Solo Exhibition "Envisaging Michael". Soumita Saha is a renowned singer known for her EDM hit number Ishq. The singer/composer and songwriter is also regarded as one of the youngest exponents of Rabindrasangeet.

Her contribution to the field of Rabindrasangeet has placed her in the league of Celebrities whose contribution to the field of music is memorable. The young singer is a multi-talented personality. She is not only a promising singer but she has been lionising the field of Art for a long. Her artwork not only gets displayed in the country but also gets Exhibited abroad. Soumita's Artwork "Conscience of India " was Exhibited at Portland's last November. Her Solo Exhibitions "Imagining Neverland", "Nari Katha" and "Freedom of Art" earned huge success. This is her 2nd Themed Exhibition where the theme is "Micheal Jackson".

This Exhibition is dedicated to MJ and named after Soumita's talked about Artwork "Envisaging Michael". Envisaging Michael is an artwork where the canvas of the songbird depicts the danceue as a Bharatnatyam Dancer. This is a completely imaginary work that adds a different elevation to the artwork making it surreal.

About the Exhibition, the Youth Icon says " We grew up listening to Micheal Jackson. MJ is like a bridge that connected our musical taste to those of our parents' generation. No musical Maestro is as evergreen as MJ. " Soumita who is working on her upcoming Tagore song project and EDM project simultaneously is also busy dedicating herself to help people during Pandemic situation


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