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Parthiv Gohil and Pratik Gandhi come together for the Reflections of Kutchh

Parthiv Gohil, our very own Gujarati singer has come up Gujarati Jalso, presenting REFLECTIONS OF KUTCHH, a beautiful film that reflects the vibrant colourful refection of the prismatic white Kutchh, desert.

Parthiv alongside his team has created a musical film shot in the white desert of Kutchh where our Gujarati artists have lent their beautiful voices and performed so graciously, artists like alap Desai, Bhoomi Trivedi, Chirag Vohra, Geeta Rabari, Hanif Aslam, Ishani Dave, Jahnvi Shrimakar, Jignesh Barot, Kala Varso musicians, Manasi Parekh Gohil, Nandy Sisters, Osman Mir, Parthiv Gohil, Sanjay Goradia, and the Siddi group. Pratik Gandhi has beautifully linked and correlated all the musical pieces through his words. Later on, Gujarat Tourism and Reliance foundation joined us for this noble cause.

When asked about the idea, Parthiv said, “ The pandemic was a reason to a heavy disengagement of works happening for the artist community, hence I had decided to bring up something that would help to create a fundraiser with a cause. I had this idea in mind of creating a musical event or journey with our artists and slowly things began working and we had a bunch of renowned artists ready to join us in our small beginning and a small period we became an enormous team of 200 members representing Reflections of Kutchh our musical journey crafted into a film directed by Mahashweta Burma who just blew it off with the amazing visuals and colour palette full of spirits and life.

Talking about the location he adds,” Kutchh is a place that has always fascinated me, the white rann, the tent city the vibes and the beauty of Kutchh itself celebrates life so and to our benefit very recently there were film awards that took place there so our artists were present at the very moment and up for our film, we had a schedule of 20 days which we wrapped up in just 3 days and this was noteworthy in itself, each member in the team worked enthusiastically and without any complaints. We had shot various scenes in the white rann in the daylight and scorching heat but our artists performed in the heat took different takes and their hard work has lighted our film with sparkles and joy.”

Interestingly the musical film has already been released and screened overseas and a foundation in the States named Share & Care has raised an 8 lakh dollar fund for the pandemic relief and recovery through the movie screening.

Talking about the audience reactions Parthiv adds,” We had an intention before making this film and it was all about raising funds for our community and we have successfully raised funds and the cherry on the cake was people coming out of the theatre smiling, there was a different smile on the audiences face and everyone took something from our film, in form of songs, visuals, colours, vibes. Those reactions made our hard work worth it and we wish more people to watch the film and celebrate our tradition.”


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