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"Pari Hoon Main " is not just Face book group , its Journey - Santoshi B Gupta

Since 16 August 2020
For them its not just a tune or popular song ,
For them its a motto to stay fit , young and achievers forever
For them , its a mantra to grow together

That's why these enthusiastic ladies are feeling proud to say " Pari Hoon Main "

Our Team Recently interacted with Santoshi B Gupta Founder and Admin of Pari Hoon Main Group. Having More then 9k Beautiful Pari's from all over world in the Group, in Just 6 months. The Group was created on 17th August 2020. they are striving forward forward for more beautiful Pari's to join the group and goes for milestones.

The way all the ladies maintained the dignity of the group was full of applause . In this era or trash and spamming of promotions , Pari Hoon Main had conquered separate and permanent place in the heart of over 9 thousand Members

"In the group we conduct weekly simple contests for females. We arrange Photoshoots/Fashion Shows/ Get together/ Business meet/ Festive meets/ etc. with Big Brands like Tanishq, Reliance, etc. Ladies get opportunities to meet each other my these shoots" - Santoshi B Gupta

What made You ( Santoshi B Gupta) to create this group?

Basically before this group was formed , I was an active Participants in lot's of other groups, and used to participate in all the contest , following all their rules and regulations. But somewhere I was not happy with the results declared , everyday something or other, used to trigger me. And suddenly one Day I was completely off with the results and I decided to make my own Group, which I never/ever thought of. With no knowledge how to make and I was not even sure how it will work or what response will I get. I Just gave a try because somewhere I wanted to prove myself and the ladies who believed me.

Santoshi B Gupta Along with Her Husband and Son

I wanted some name for the group where ladies can feel connected with the Group name. On the first day I gave the Group name Princess and Queens but felt something is missing. And felt that divides into 2 categories that is Princess for unmarried and Queens for married.

So kept on thinking for More better one. Next Day while lip-sing one of the song "Pari Hoon Main" got stuck in my brain and hence locked this Name for the group.

Would like to thank each and every member of my offline and online family members present in the group. Special thanks to support system of my life - Bijay Gupta ( husband) , Ashish Gupta ( son) , participants & contributors , Sponsors present in the group. Thanks to each and every member who have contributed by their side like inviting members, encouraging group by any means.

In this way , Our Team had nice interaction with 'Santoshi B Gupta'

It was really an awesome experience , when we all got to know about the journey of Santoshi B Gupta & all those proud faces of "Pari Hoon Main "

Hope you liked the journey of "Pari Hoon Main "

Interested ladies can join this group by hitting this link below


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