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Ms Amrit Nagpal : Unveiling the Power of the Amygdala

Introduction: In the realm of early childhood education and development, one name shines brightly as an enthusiastic and energetic expert - Ms. Amrit Nagpal. With a diverse range of skills and a Master's degree in Education from James Cook University, she has carved a remarkable path as a Teacher Trainer & Mentor, Curriculum Architect, Storyteller, and Consultant. Having served as the former Head of Preschools & ECCEd. at Birla Open Minds Education Pvt Ltd in Mumbai, her contributions have been recognized with prestigious honors such as the Innovation in Early Learning and Child Development award by the Early Child Development Forum and the Innovative Leader of the Year title by Ekk Updesh.

A Storyteller Extraordinaire: One aspect that sets Ms. Amrit Nagpal apart is her remarkable storytelling prowess. With a captivating presence and a gift for weaving narratives, she has graced renowned literary festivals such as Kala Ghoda in Mumbai and Enlit Lit Fest in Pune. Her ability to engage and inspire through storytelling adds a magical dimension to her work.