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Middle-Class Boy from Suburbs Turn to Rapper : Hemant M Shinde

Being an Independent Artist from Suburbs of Ambarnath Mumbai, also Desi Hip-Hop Artist who Represent Himself from Rap, Shorts Films & Dance.

Yes, I believe in Myself If you work hard nothing can stop you from achieving your goal it’s not always an easy journey to succeed in your life, time always bangs and Hammered you to turn from “Rock to Diamond”.

I Was Born and Bought in Ambarnath the suburbs of Mumbai Maharashtra India I was introduced as a Musical Artist in India. Completed Education in Master of Commerce in ( Finance& Accounting), always having a dream of to Represent India at the International Level, Being an Indian Desi Hip-Hop Rapper is so easy and anyone can do it, but sorry it’s not so simple that people think of an Artist. Today I would like to share my Journey as a Middle-class Family boy who faced challenges, society's cruelty, Negative feedback, and Caste Hate.

As I came from a Joint Middle-Class Family, in my childhood I saw my father’s struggle that time we were not financially stable even the basic needs we never demand from our father that’s the 90’s time I witnessed my journey only one man my father was working and the four of us my Mother Elder Brother, Sister and Me we fully depend on him. I know that situation was very difficult to even the school fees we not able to submit in time as there was a craze for Television if you have TV or Landline Phone you might be the rich person. My Brother and I usually went to our neighbour's Place to watch Tv from outside their door. Of time they switch off the tv while we came and they told us to go home as the electricity is not working.

Even my mother saw that many times and discussed with my father about bringing the TV into our house from that time I saw some to the Rap videos on Tv I saw that before I did even not understand with they are saying but I loved to hear them. I always performed on the Street during the Ganesh festival, Garba Festival, New Year Celebration, and Orchestra. Many times I received a price of 100 RS, 20 RS and Kitchen Utensils Like ( Steel Glass ) but I always enjoy and appreciate myself something I received, while I heard the Society thinks about the Caste I came from a lower cast background yes it's true the society always have negative thoughts for us.

In my school days I was one of the average students like you might see in the film “ Taare Zameen Par “ I was also not able to read or write spoke any language. Even one of my teachers told me in my school days to Live and take admission into the average school and she laughed. The whole day I was thinking about why she said that I don’t know but I am not able to forget those words from my mind. From that, I look towards a new journey of my college days as I am also a street performer my whole family relatives we went for a Village Picnic and I have written some Rap Named “Jai Bhim Rocks” the whole family and relatives loved that as I showed the social reality in that. Rather than a Rapper, I am also a dancer In the past Time there was a craze for Boogie Woogie& Dance India Dance show we went at night for audition till morning thousands of people were in the Lines as in Dance India Dance I had Cleared three rounds and been out in the fourth one that was the horrible time as I worked it for a long to get selected but what written in the destiny you will get that. Many auditions I have given Dance India Dance 1,2,3 seasons Mtv Auditions, V Channel Audition but sad to say always got rejected a lot of rejection in your life can damage you from inside.

With my brother having his youtube channel we decided to create short films also based on what we saw in society. We created many films, WhatsUp Guys, Being Human, Swacch Bharat, Vission and Black & White I Assisted my elder Brother we received positive feedback from the people while people don’t know how we arrange money for the film we take money from parents some close ones and we published the Content. Life does not always have a negative impact if you are a true warrior you will get everything in your life.

So we also make short films for Society as “ Women of goveli” the short Film where we achieved a National Awardee of India Yes Foundation Award. 1.5 Million film Participated we grab the best Student category Short Film Award, Directed by Kkunal Shinde(Indian film Industry) Assistant Director Hemant M Shinde as from that My film “Swacch Bharat” also being the Semi-Finalist in Switzerland Film Festival and Top 900 best short films in Ayuryog International film Awards. my frontline supporters were my family. Living in a joint family is both hard and adventurous. As lived, we were not financially stable fully stable. My parents were always there for me. However, society has always played a critical part in my life. They never helped and appreciated me for my work. But, I could not stop, I can't afford to do it. Hence, I supported myself, and invested time in my profession. As the days goes on I like the Old Hip-hop Rap Music listened to Snoop Doog& Eminem Dr Dre& Tupacand started to write RAPs in Indian DesiHiphop style. I was influenced by society and community problems and endeavoured to write RAPs addressing all those problems. In My Life I never thought that I was good at writing Rap Music some of the times I wrote my words in a Book but always had a fear if I lost that book what can I do so I also paste my Words on Whatsapp Family group were the only one I was and all are left that group that the good backup for me to store my words there. My life is full of struggle & hard work but I never backstop my goal because I know that I will do it. The public always had a different kind of opinion about me but I never entertained them my Mother and Father had a lot of hope in me that I always complete what I do.

While Writing I am also searching Job because of the Money Problems as no one can invest their money in you, so I been selected for the Job and that company Help me more during my most Horrible time I even don’t have 10 Rs in my Pocket while the Interview my Boots whole soul been broken only one of my friend saw that I never forget that time, after my selection in Accenture my life got changed as I earned also I invest my Money in Studio and some of into My Home use. From that hard-earned money I created many Rap Music always based on the Society's Situation religion Caste hate I flow my words on that Rap Like Mumbaikar, Happy New Year, Kahani, Aashiqui, Time Machine, Kahani, Party Bro, Mahool, Kismat, Street Style.

In a middle-class family, I never imagine that I can speak my words in Studio as my experience was so tremendous when the first time I Rap in Studio I don’t know about the BPM Beats scale or the Work where have to put Rap words into that and create a new Hip-hop Music. it's so cool to listen to but very hard to work on it. People's positive responses always help me to work more and gain more. Some people say good things some people say bad things but their opinions matter to me.

It’s Not Possible to do everything at the same time, As I am a Rapper, Short Film Maker, and Dancer but I do not betray anything just focused on what I do is better for me in Future your attitude always impact society as I am always calm & Patient Person in nature I absorbed things of the society and set my mind that I can use it for my future Rap Project.

In my New Rap Project Zindagi, Paisa, Shine, Yaad, and the Recent Rap I introduced Desi. Your Trust Your Focus matters Be Positive Stay Cool.

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