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Methods of Teaching Science - Dr Pratik Mungekar

About Dr Pratik Mungekar:

  • Dr Pratik started teaching at 16 & have been working in the field of education & research as a Professor, Scientist, Counsellor for 12 years .

  • Taught to more than 8000+ students and guided 4000+ ( Career Counseling) till date and the count is still on

  • Honoured with 650+ National State and International Awards for his contribution in the field of Teaching and Research.

  • Received 250+ Honorary Doctorates from all over the world & also sets 15 world records..

  • written many papers and articles in various international Magazines, journals and in books.

  • Co-authored many books and written one book on Sustainable Development Goals which has got many International Awards.

on 25th April 2022 , Dr Pratik Mungekar delivered his talk on Methods of Teaching Science (Basics of Science-Conceptual Study Techniques)

if you want to view the complete lecture , please use this link