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Meet Sajan Sangrur : One Of The Youngest Influencer Of Sangrur, Punjab

This article is published with the proud collaboration of the SMMH group and the AHMP brand.

We are here to show a content creating talent from Punjab, none other than Sajan Sangrur

Sajan Sangrur Is the Youngest Influencer Of Sangrur, Punjab. And that makes Sangrur proud. It's a great achievement. for him and his hometown

He is Sajan Sangrur 20-year-old, Student of Btech (Chemical Engineering). Along with studies, blogging is a passion. He is shining not less than a diamond on his social media as a lifestyle and fashion influencer.

I am one who has passion to work harder. I will work until my signature has become my autograph and that is my success.- Sajan Sangrur

He started his career as an influencer in March 2020 itself. He said he loved trying different products and fashion styles and then He found people giving him an amazing response, so He thought to amplify his work. He is luckily an Amazon verified influencer today.

Sajan has various plans for the future he is planning to collaborate with some more good brands and increase his popularity. Along with that he already works with many good brands. That's one of my dream come true.

A boy next door is born and brought up in a middle-class family whose father is an Electrician. Her family never thinks about such a career as a profession they only think about a Job or just go into Government services. But his life takes a new turn and He opts to be an influencer. In the starting, no one is very supportive of her decision and faced quite a bad bad time. But He knew what is He doing and being very confident about his work. And He just went on doing her hard work without thinking about the result and he started getting results in the next 6 Months and his Instagram family grow day by day and people started loving his content.

He regularly shares updates about his work and life for his social media family. His personality and attitude will surely get the audience to watch his content.

He has an interesting story behind being an influencer. He never thought of this profession and he was busy studying and pursuing his job. But he is very fond of clicking pictures of himself. So, his friend suggested he pursue an influencer and study how things work in this profession. He did lots of research about it and started working on that.

He believes in growing together not alone. He supports another influencer as well to grow in this field where no one wants to anybody going ahead of himself. He is the one not thinking about him and helping others.

That's the reason he grew by building connections.


INSTAGRAM HANDLE: @sajansangrur


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