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About the "Chandresh Pandey":

Content Creators have power, authority and a sheer mind that could turn around anyone's mindset. Mr Chandresh Pandey is one of them. Starting from the bottom and now at the top, his reach, followers, collaborations- dealing with the top brands, all adds up because of his hard work, his faith and a business-minded attitude, also the crystal-like authenticity, simpleness, and attitude attracts people worldwide including collaborators. His work and dedication do influence the lives of many, besides, his works are to express- express what's right and just rather than to impress.

Read what he shared with us

Real success in life is achieving the goals that matter to you the most. Based on the way your personality developed and the life experiences you've been through, all of this counts in success. One can never succeed by just looking at others, you need to have your own will power for it. Definitely with success comes failures too, but it's worth it!

There are quite some amazing brands that I've collaborated with like-

Rather than spending more time in explaining, I spend that time with myself and instead of dwelling on things that went wrong and bad I always focus on what it taught me. It's good to have failures in life, failures teach you more than success. It teaches you how you could rectify your mistakes, what you've learnt and how you could not repeat them the next time.

I'll only say keep believing in what you want and the will power to achieve it. Will power can take you in ways you never would've ever imagined. It might seem tough but the tougher the challenge, the toughest it makes the person. I'd also like to thank my family who supported me throughout and my friends who truly encouraged me.

i just wants to convey, if you want to win the race as a content creator set certain goals for social media, like-

-Invest a little. This could go a long way in the future. Initially there has to be an investment.

-Attend community meetings.

-Take up a mentorship program


-Grow your revenue

Your challenges are waiting for you, just ' Get, Set Grow'

Thanks to Stay Featured for allowing me to open up in this way

if you want to stay in touch with me. these are my social media links

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