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Meet CEO & Co-Founder of Orphicy, Vipul Tyagi

Orphicy is the brainchild of four full-time academicians having a cumulative academic experience of more than 50 years.

So Team Stay Featured, had an interaction with the CEO & Co-Founder of Orphicy, Vipul Tyagi, Let's read his words

Please share about your start-up and how does it help the users?

Orphicy is an ed-tech start-up in the K-12 segment. Our pedagogy is built around the Flipped Learning approach which divides the entire learning process into PRE-CLASS, IN-CLASS and POST CLASS Deliverables. We believe that the process of education involves two steps

a) One is the basic step of knowledge transfer, which conventionally takes up all the time and energy of a teacher.

b) The other more significant and often ignored part is that of conceptualisation of ideas and dialogue with students.

Orphicy intends to handle a significant part of the knowledge transfer in the form of pre-class lectures that a student has to watch before he can attend the live lecture. The in-class sessions are reserved for active discussions and activity-based learning. The post-class sessions are enriched with computer-adaptive tests and summary sheets for revision. All of this culminated in better learning outcomes.

The design of the curriculum at Orphicy is based on 360 Degree learning. This ensures that the student not only gets to ace his exams but also gets a healthy dose of co-curricular activities. We celebrate each month with a theme-based competition and there are regular soft skills sessions as a part of the curriculum. We can say with pride that an Orphician would stand apart from his/ her peers in terms of communication and presentation skills.

Can you give us a brief about the founders and funding received so far?

As we all know, Orphicy is the brainchild of four full-time academicians having a cumulative academic experience of more than 50 years.

Ujjwal Nagar (CMO): An engineer by qualification and an academician by choice. He is someone who lives and loves entrepreneurship. He has experience in building an organisation raking in 100 million INR annually in the field of management exams. He leads the Marketing and Branding initiatives at Orphicy.

Vipul Tyagi (CEO): He is one of the most prolific CAT faculty across India. In spite, of converting to IIM Calcutta twice he chose to pursue his first love of academics. He has been Inspiring students since 2011 soon after completing his engineering. At Orphicy he handles the Academic design and execution.

Mukesh Pareek (COO): An MBA and a qualified Company Secretary who has worked with L’Oreal India. Leaving a high paying job, he chose to pursue his true love of academics. Having an academic experience of more than 9 years he takes care of Operations and content development at Orphicy.

Arpit Mehta (Sales & CRM): Although a graphic designer by qualification, he is the engine that fuels sales at Orphicy. Having vast experience in Academic sales and customer acquisition across Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh & Maharashtra he takes care of customer outreach and growth initiatives at Orphicy.

The company was started with a seed capital of Rs. 2 Crores invested by the founders in August 2020. We just completed the first round of our funding in October 2021 where we raised Rs. 2.5 crores at a valuation of Rs. 25 Crores.

Tell about various educational modules offered by Orphicy and what age group does it cater to?

Orphicy Presently has the following paid full Year study programs

a) Orphicy Live: A live online coaching program preparing students for their school curriculum. This program includes 10 hours of lectures every week and the weekends are utilised for Assessments and Cocurricular activities.

b) Orphicy Aspire (Science): This weekend program prepares students for NTSE, Maths & Science Olympiads etc.

c) Orphicy Aspire (Global): This soon to be launched program would focus on a global curriculum and also prepare students for their SATs

d) Orphicy Aspire (Public Sector): A unique weekend programme that acts as a foundation course for students for competitive civil services exams (IAS, week-long IPS) at a very young age.

Apart from these free programs, Orphicy conducts a host of free skill-based short duration micro-courses like

a) Mini MBA for Teens: A week-long program with a rigorous B-Plan competition acting as the finale.

b) Fluency: A 21-day program helping students improve their communication skills with a lot of roleplays and other activities

c) Super Mom: A week-long program for the mothers helping them make the best use of technology

The target group for almost every program are school students in Standards 4-10.

How many students have your startup reached out to and how many students do you plan to connect within the next two years?

We presently have 150 paid students registered with us for full-year programs and the number of students who have attended our free programs and are a part of the active Orphicy student community is about 8000.

We have just begun our operations and we had launched our live batches only in June. We are sure of reaching a minimum of 4000 paid students enrolled for a full year Orphicy Live/ Aspire offering.

Share with us recent developments of your startup and what are your plans?

Presently we are running a massive free crash course batch to help us achieve our next academic session’s target for enrolments. We are on a team-building spree and have doubled our employee count in the past three months to 42. We are also collaborating with technology companies like Lead Squared and HRIS etc. to automate the operations at Orphicy.

We plan to consolidate our presence in the four states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh in the coming academic session. After consolidating our presence in these four states we would like to make our presence in the NCR area.

How is your EdTech different from other EdTech players in the market?

We believe a lot of distance has been travelled in terms of high-quality animated content however not a lot has been achieved in terms of better learning outcomes. Orphicy would like to change that by a model with a high teacher intervention and regular mentoring.

We see ourselves differently because of our focus on a 360-degree learning format wherein equal importance is given to extra-curricular activities and personality development. The huge experience of the founders in higher education enables the team to counsel students with the best possible career advice consistent with their SWOT. The first term result of our students has cemented our belief in the system as we have experienced remarkable improvements in their grades.

How do you see the startup in the next five years?

In the coming five years we would see our organisation adding real value to society in the form of a ‘value for money coaching alternative.

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