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Masterstroke Carrom Academy is all set for Start

Masterstroke Carrom Academy will be started soon at Undri in Kondhwa Budruk, a suburb of Pune, on August 10 at 11.30 am. The academy will be inaugurated by senior Carrom player five times National and three times world cup winner Suhas Kambli and Former Deputy Chairman Haveli Taluka Panchayat Samiti Sachinsheth Ghule. An announcement was made in the press conference which was attended by senior Indian Carrom Team coach Suhas Kambli, international players Anil Mundhe and Abhijeet Tripankar, ICF Cup Federation panel umpire Sandeep Adagale, Director of Master Stroke Carrom Academy Ganesh Adagale, Deputy Director Asha Bhosale and Member of Maharashtra Carrom Association, Ashutosh Dhodmise.

"The game of Carrom is well known and it is played at home and is enjoyed by everyone from children to senior citizens. But there is no awareness of the fact that the same game is being played commercially at the national and international levels.

The main motive of the academy is to create awareness as carom can be won at district level national and international level as well as there is an international competition of carom like IPL so carom needs to be recognized as a great professional sport without looking at it as entertainment or leisure" said Suhas Kambli in the conference.

The Academy is open to all and It will provide opportunities for boys and girls in the age group of 6 to 21 to learn from special national and international players. Like other sports, there are national, international, Swiss League, ICF League, Zonal Competition, Best Zone etc. for Carrom, so all the basic technical training will be imparted from the academy.

Shiv Chhatrapati award winner Yogesh Pardeshi has changed the face of carrom in India. Yogesh Pardeshi is from the Pune district and is the only Indian player to win a maximum number of medals in international carrom sport. Yogesh Pardeshi is the pride of Pune among the players in the field of carrom. This was stated by Anil Mundhe while speaking at a press conference.

A sport like a cricket has gained a lot of popularity but carrom is still a neglected sport in India. Therefore, the aim of Master Stroke Carrom Academy is to produce the best players in the game of Carrom.

There is also a Free Camp - from 3rd to 15th August free camp for girls and boys age group (6 to 21) and women has been started by the Academy to generate interest in the game of Carrom.


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