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MADAME unveils its Summer/Spring collection of 2022

MADAME, India’s leading western wear brand by the Jain Amar Group, has unveiled its Summer/Spring collection for the year 2022. This new collection is targeted towards India’s youth who are seeking to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends.

The latest collection is fresh and original in the way it uses colours, fabric, and design. The collection is targeted towards confident and progressive women of today who like to carry themselves in style.

“Fashion is a way of expressing yourself and discovering your uniqueness. The new collection will appeal to young generation from all walks of life across the country,” said Akhil Jain, Executive Director of the Jain Amar Group.

The Summer/Spring’22 collection for the month of March will showcase products in capsules like Daisy Mist, Pink Caravan, Lazy Aesthetic, and Check It Out!

All these categories are designed specifically to appeal to a certain style quotient and requirement of the customers. For example, Pink Caravan will have a trans-seasonal tone that will be inspired by the tropical orchid plant, with its long-lasting flowers and distinct aroma to generate a sense of positivity and attract consumer attention, and will be inspired by the change of season, brighter nature.

On the other hand, Daisy Mist is a collection of monochrome co-ords, blazer sets, and playsuits in various designs and patterns. The daisy print's present popularity stems from what we identify with it, rather than the flower itself. Daisy is a flower that everyone associates with summer, pleasant feelings, and the carefree lifestyle that comes with warm summer winds.

“Spring-Summer 2022 will usher in a flurry of excitement and delight. Fashion serves as a soothing retreat from everyday life and an antidote to moving forward now more than ever, as evidenced by the collection,” adds Akhil Jain.

The collection will include capsules focused on the coming months as the season changes, including Sorbet Blue, Lilac Sage, and Indigo Breeze for March, Saturated Blends and Pastel Checks for April, and Pale Waves for April.

Madame has a large loyal customer base in India and is renowned as an industry leader in western wear fashion. It has grown and obtained a large market share over the last decade. Today, the business has its own stores in several regions of the country, as well as a dedicated D2C brand –


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