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Let’s meet my professor,Sir - Dr. S. Lokegaonkar : Dr Pratik Mungekar

Let’s meet my professor,

Sir, Dr S. Lokegaonkar.

(He has worked as a senior professor, Head of Department, Dean of Academics, Controller of Examinations, Guide, Mentor, and alumni of VJTI, Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute Matunga, Mumbai)

He taught me chemistry, textile chemistry, and a plethora of other professional skills.

I met him after many years, and I gave all my books to him. When he came to know about my achievements and success graph, he got emotional and happy.

He gave blessings to me and said in Marathi,

"Mi Dhanya Zalo Tuzyasarkha Shishya Labhun Jivan Sarthak zale".

This is the biggest blessing I’ve received and that too, coming from Dr Lokegaonkar Sir. Truly, I am blessed.

Meeting Prof. after a long time is an experience par excellence. You suddenly feel that you have become younger. You start feeling all the love and care you used to feel when you were at your alma mater. One might not have the same relationship with all the teachers. There ought to be some favourites with the teachers also. But you feel as if you have been reunited with your family.

The greeting of respect is my first reaction of mine, whereas showing grace is the first reaction of my ex-teacher. Then it starts a conversation between us about general introductions like "what are you doing now?" etc. The same question arises in my mind, "Sir, how's your current student with you?" etc. Depending on the time, more conversation takes place.

The first thing we usually do at such a meeting is to bow down and touch our teacher's feet. Then we are automatically engaged in old stories and tales of our college days or the times we spent together. -Remembering other students, how and where they are, etc.

It's just an amazing feeling to meet our professors.

A teacher never expects anything from a student other than his coming of age in life as a good person to be worthy of his name and fame. A teacher is overjoyed when one of his students achieves celebrity in society.

Sometimes we are so excited that we forget what to say and how to convey our true feelings to them. But our respect towards them and feelings of gratitude are usually reflected by our body language and eyes.

There were only a few teachers who had taught me. They were so happy to see me, and even I was too excited. We had a lot to talk about. When you meet a teacher after leaving school or college, especially after a long time, I believe you realise how much he cares for you. They should be loved and respected. They don't expect anything from you other than a word of remembrance.


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