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Lakshey Gangwani, first Indian Individual to receive the ‘WealthTech 2021'

Lakshey Gangwani (hereafter referred to as Laksh) has won this year’s WeathTechAsia ‘Leading Individual Award’. Laksh has been commended for his vision in the FinTech/WealthTech sector, where he has established a reputation for optimizing digital transformation and managing complex and costly challenges for leading financial institutions.

Among the award recipients, he was the only individual and the first Indian to be recognized.

The recognition comes from Laksh’s efforts towards starting and scaling a wealth management solution that has helped regional and global wealth managers save millions in opportunity costs. The solution streamlines the end-to-end front office workflows around client engagement, and specifically focuses on relationship managers’ (RMs’) productivity and offering a frictionless experience to the end clients. This solution had also won Asian Private Banker’s Best Operation Efficiency Solution Award, earlier this year.

Stephen Harris, CEO of Wealth Briefing, described Laksh's entry as very impressive and said, “His experience in assisting businesses scale from scratch in different markets, customer segments, and geographies make him a worthy winner.”

Rachel Fokes, Head of Awards for WealthBriefing, said that each category of the WealthTechAsia Awards was fiercely contested, with a small number of finalists selected from a large pool of entrants before an overall winner was selected.

In response to the award, Laksh expressed his gratitude and said, "I am humbled to receive this award and want to thank the wider industry stakeholders for their support.” Laksh also credited both the Singapore Government and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) for having built a vibrant ecosystem over many years and indicated that this ecosystem was pivotal to his success.

Laksh moved to Singapore in 2015, and since then he has worked with organizations like, LexisNexis, ThreatMetrix (now part of LexisNexis), Thomson Reuters Financial & Risk (now Refinitiv), and Thomson Reuters Intellectual Property & Science(now Clarivate Analytics) and helped them scale businesses and solutions around Fintech/Regtech/Wealthtech within ASEAN.

Before moving to Singapore, Laksh had extensive experience of scaling his entrepreneurial venture and had also worked within the Intellectual Property/Innovation/ Patent teams of Thomson Reuters Intellectual Property & Science (now Clarivate Analytics) and Motorola (his team is now part of Google). Laksh suggested that having the opportunity to work alongside leading innovators and learnings from his entrepreneurial venture have helped him immensely in his career to identify growth opportunities and scale those exponentially.

Currently, he is enabling wealth and investment managers to use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Next-Best Action, Gaming and Design theory to offer end clients a truly hyper-personalised experience.

Moreover, to help educate a wider audience on how the financial industry is being transformed, Laksh also hosts a chat show (Vantage Point by DigiJanus with thought leaders, industry practitioners, and innovators. This is part of his social initiative So Eng Joy (pronounced as “Sowing Joy” -, which has been on a mission since 2016, to enable 100,000 people to become the best version of themselves.


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