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Be Kind To Your Mind - Moral of 19th Episode of THUNDERBOLTS with Vikkas Nagru

POSITIVE THOUGHTS CONSULTING & TRAINING SOLUTIONS presented its 19th Episode of THUNDERBOLTS, on 5th December 2021 @6:00 PM IST through ZOOM as well as showcased on “FACEBOOK LIVE” on the official page of “POSITIVE THOUGHTS”.

Positive Thoughts Family is a global community from PAN India and over 45 different countries, on a mission to learn, connect, share, and bridge the gap between Brands/Organizations/Nations and works on the Mission of Empowerment for” STRESS-FREE EDUCATION & LIFE.”

This Elite Executive community is for all the like-minded Positive People from all across the globe who want to share, Inspire, and help each other to grow their successes together by empowering one another.

For the Nineteenth Episode of THUNDERBOLTS, Mr Vikkas Nagru was invited to speak on the vital topic “Be Kind To Your Mind!!”.

The Trainer, Mr Vikkas Nagru is a famous ‘Mind Trainer’ and is renowned for his inspiring and unique techniques of brain training. He is the Founder & Director of Brain Infinity. He has experience working with organizations like Development Credit Bank, ABN Amro Bank and Fullerton India Credit Company Limited.

The show was hosted by Ms Veena Harwani. She is a Trainer for Radio Jockey, Anchoring, Public Speaking, Communication Skills, Spoken English, Motivational Speaking and Singing.

Ms Veena Harwani started by welcoming all the participants & members of the Positive Thoughts community and began the session by introducing Positive Thoughts Consulting & Training Solutions. She stated that Positive Thoughts with many international collaborations is a global community of speakers, trainers, coaches, educationists, healers, authors and social activists from across India & the globe. She heartily introduced the man behind creating this beautiful, wonderful and amazing family who is also a multi-award-winning Motivational Speaker, Life Coach and Social Activist - Dr Gaurav Sharma, the Founder & CEO of Positive Thoughts Consulting & Training Solutions & Co-Founder – 28 Credentials of Entrepreneurs, Malaysia. The entire community acknowledged his diligent efforts to spread positivity and build a community of like-minded people filled with motivation and satisfaction.

Creating a WOW moment on the topic of the eve ‘Be Kind To Your Mind’ the host enthusiastically introduced the Trainer of the eve, Mr Vikkas Nagru, Founder & Director – Brain Infinity and has impacted more than twenty-one thousand lives through stress-free education and live workshops.

Inviting community members to enhance their critical thinking, problem-solving skills and living the moment the host invited Mr Vikkas Nagru to impact the lives he has been doing.

Mr Vikkas Nagru started with an example of boarding Delhi Metro and connected it with the thought of the creation of Positive Thoughts by Dr Gaurav Sharma. He added, if one is feeling dull, or if one is low or not up to the mark one should join the Positive Thoughts family and the community members would make the shift and bring positivity within oneself.

He further added that he started a mission three years ago by the name ‘SAFAI’ which in Hindi means ‘cleaning’. It was started from his home and for him ‘SAFAI’ is Stress-Anxiety Free All India.

He said, that you are only responsible for change of mind as it is in your hand. It means that if you are not able to control yourself, then you are a puppet of someone else’s hand and added that our brain believes in simple things. With an example about research conducted on college students, he shared that if one can grasp complex things, he/she is considered to be smarter but the fact is that our mind evades it. To grasp anything, we have to activate the prefrontal and frontal lobes of our mind as otherwise, it will be a cause of stress. One has to uplift the mind to complete any activity and raise a question, do you do any brain warm-up exercise before taking up any assignment or making a decision?

With an example, he clarified that how players and athletes are highly trained and focussed about their performance where-in we as a common man get annoyed by the little raised voice of our family members. He further added that the soldier on the front is also focussed and even in a very thin line of life and death, he is making a decision that is factoring his nation. This is only because they have tuned their brain to focus on what is right not only for them but for the team (a nation in the case of soldiers) they are part of.

He shared four proven techniques to activate the frontal mind as under:

1. Simple arithmetic calculation

He indulged the community members in an activity originally done by Dr Raita Kawashima in Japan. He presented some simple arithmetic additions and stated that this is required as with this simple exercise you open up the prefrontal lobe of your brain and prepare yourself for the upcoming tasks. He further added that any athlete or player before proceeding for the game does some physical activity and this is just a warm-up exercise to open up their body.

About the activity, he said when this activity was conducted in Japan, they found whenever a person is doing such activity, he/she activates his brain and has a high level of state of mind. This makes it easy as the purpose of education is 360-degree development of your brain and not invite any hindrance.

For critical thinking, one needs observation power, logical mind and temporal lobe for audio. With the contribution of the whole brain, anything which seems critical or complex becomes easy as the brain believes in simple things.

2. Surprise element

He tossed a question about why a kid up to three years is attractive and said the child is doing a meditation 140 times a day. This is because for him/her there are many WOW moments as the child never fails to respond. This Surprise element is a great facial exercise and helps one to remain young and active for more time.

It is important not to seclude yourself and you may apply the ‘Fake it and Make It’ theory which means that you are enhancing your brainpower. It is a game of practice and the more you do it, you would overcome any mental state be it low or negative.

3. Be like a kid

He asked the members to read the paragraph from down to up (the reverse direction). He stated that by doing this activity your entire brain is activated and you are highly focussed and concentrated. This thirty-second exercise is going to trigger up your mental state.

With this activity, you as a parent, activate the brain of your child and with this, he would be able to grasp things better and this would also raise his/her confidence. This is effective parenting.

Moving forward he stated that the coming era is going to be more competitive and we as a parent have to ensure that we prepare our children to cope up with that stress. As a child most probably up to the age of twenty-one, our only responsibility is to focus on academics/sports or any other activity to make our career. Once we enter the new phase of our life the number of activities increases with responsibility (social/financial etc..) and with this stress increases. As a person as well as a parent, we need to understand how to tune our brains.

4. How to tune brain ?

Our right brain controls the left side of our body and our left brain controls the right side of our body. With the help of an activity, he showed how we can pass on two different instructions to our both brains using our fingers. He shared that with this activity we are tuning our brain to do multiple tasking in one go.

This is an uplifting effect and you surround yourself with positivity as you can use your both brains and this helps to enhance your critical thinking with focus and you can change your mental state as per your choice.

He concluded by stating that if we are controlling our brain, our mind, it means we are in a great state. But, if our brain, our mind is controlling us, then we are in the wrong hand. This means that we should not carry another person’s opinion every time and we should have our own opinion too.

When we are ‘Kind To Our Mind’ we can create heaven with our positive mindset or vice-versa as creativity and innovation are very important as logical and analytical skills stop oneself from being creative. As the brain believes in simplicity, make your life simple.

At last, Dr Supriya Kumaravelan gave the vote of thanks to Mr Vikkas Nagru for sharing his versatile techniques and giving his precious time on Thunderbolts. The session was ended by Dr Ina Singh by virtual felicitation with the certificate to the Trainer Mr Vikkas Nagru and the Host Ms Veena Harwani.

The article is written by Mr Deepak Shrivastava (Content Manager of Positive Thoughts)

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