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‘Junior Jagjit Singh- Kahaan Tum Chale Gaye’ second season commenced

India's famous Ghazal singer and music emperor Jagjit Singh with his soulful voice have won a plethora of hearts from all over the world. As a tribute to him,, the country's leading news cum views platform, launched an online music competition titled 'Junior Jagjit Singh - Kahan Tum Chale Gaye' last year, which received wide appreciation from the audience from all over the country. The channel announced the starting of its second season on 10 October, on the death anniversary of the famous singer.

The first of its kind online music competition, Junior Jagjit Singh, Season 2 will prominently hold 5 auditions, with the first audition scheduled to be held on 29 October, the second on 12 November 2021, the third on 26 November 2021, the fourth on 10 December 2021 and the fifth on 7 January 2022. The selected contestants, i.e. top 5 finalists will participate in the semi-final race on 21st January 2022. The finale is scheduled to be held on 08 February 2022 on the birth anniversary of Jagjit Singh.

The show is being judged by the country's famous music orchestra, Khumar's Founder and Honorary, Mr Bipin Pandit. He says, “It is indeed an honour to be the judge of this show run by as a tribute to the country's famous Ghazal singer, Shri Jagjit Singh on his death anniversary. With the blessings of Jagjit Singh Ji, we hope this season will also be a success."

Commenting on the announcement of the show, Atul Malikram, Co-Founder, said, “Jr Jagjit Singh is an online competition that is committed to providing an influential platform to the musical talents of the country. Through this, the participants from different cities of the country will get a chance to connect and relive the wonderful voice of the ghazal Samrat. This show is going to be a great debut for the people who have kept alive the nazms of Jagjit Ji. On the death anniversary of the great artist, we are extremely excited to announce the Junior Jagjit Singh Competition. And, on the occasion of his birthday, that is, on February 08, the nation will get its second Junior Jagjit Singh."

Notedly, this online music competition is being hosted by Rohit Singh Chandel, a member of the troopel Channel. People of all age groups, from different provinces of India, can take part in it. Under this, the winner of Junior Jagjit Singh will be awarded various bumper awards up to 50 thousand. The show is going to be broadcast live on the channel's social media platforms from 8 to 10 pm. You can register online at the link given below to be a part of this contest:

Junior Jagjit Singh | Season 02 | Registration link:


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