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JD Awards 2024: Celebrating Bengaluru's Next-Gen Design Innovators

JD Design Awards 2024 concluded its Bengaluru event with a captivating design extravaganza featuring three spectacular shows. Each collection showcased at the event carried inspiring narratives, blending imagination and innovation. Here, young designers boldly explored the future of design through the lens of speculative fiction. The event drew participation from influential figures across media, academia, premium brands, and the design industry.


The event was inaugurated with the lighting of the lamp by Mrs Jyotsna Dalal, Mr Nealesh Dalal, Managing Trustee of JD Institute of Fashion Technology and Founder of JD School of Design; Ms Sandra Agnes D’Souza, Director, South - JD Institute of Fashion Technology; Mr Vinod Jain, Director of Arjunaa Jewellers; and Mr Vinesh Gupta, General Manager of The Den Hotel, Bengaluru.

JD Awards 2024: Celebrating Bengaluru's Next-Gen Design Innovators
JD Awards 2024: Celebrating Bengaluru's Next-Gen Design Innovators


The organisers of JDDA 2024 extend their heartfelt gratitude to the esteemed sponsors for their invaluable support in making the event a grand success. The Den Bengaluru, Whitefield, served as an exceptional hospitality and venue partner, providing a stunning setting for the occasion. The event was powered by Arjunaa Jewellers. Lakme Academy, as the make-up partner, and TheStyle.World, as the content and styling partner, made remarkable contributions. A special thanks goes to the photography partner, Invalesco Creations, for beautifully capturing the essence of the event.


The future of design transcends mere aesthetics; it involves crafting designs that narrate compelling stories. The design aspirants from JD School of Design and JD Institute of Fashion Technology showcased a comprehensive range of advanced designs, introducing groundbreaking ideas. 


With intricate detailing and technological integration, the show embodied innovation. The JD Design Awards aim to mobilise the youth and shape meaningful experiences, highlighting next-gen talent from Bangalore with a passion for leading the future of the fashion & jewellery industry.


Mr. Nealesh Dalal states, "JD Design Awards is poised to disrupt design thinking and its disciplines. The youth of Bangalore have illustrated what it takes to be at the forefront of fashion and jewellery design. This is only the beginning. We see JD Design Awards as a platform that will elevate young designers globally, shaping the future of design itself."


On the occasion were Ms Pragati Adhikari, Counsellor, Art Therapist & Art Therapy Educator, White Minds, Bengaluru/ MIT-ADT University, Pune; Mr Lohit Singhal, Retail FOSSIL India Pvt Ltd; Ms Pooja Bagati, AVP Kids Category Landmark Group; Ms Roopali Rawat, Refab Creations Private Limited Brand: Fab Point; Ms Consuela Rusu, Creative Director; Prof Dr Venkateshwarlu, Hon Vice Chancellor Tumkur University, Tumkur; Ms Naida Zamzam, Senior Officer, Karnataka State Administrative Services, Registrar Tumkur University, Tumkur; Ms Jayanti Ballal, Founder Jayanti Ballal; Mr Padmaraj Keshri, Traceability Manager, Polo Ralph Lauren; and Mr Gurpreet Singh, Founder World of Brands.


Walking down the ramp in the stunning jewellery collections by talented designers of JD Institute of Fashion Technology & JD School of Design where Bengaluru’s vibrant influencers:

  • Punam Chetry - Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Influencer, Fashion Designer & Stylist

  • Namrata Kumari - Fashion, Travel, Luxury & Beauty Influencer

  • Rimple Rai - Fashion, Luxury, Travel, F&B, & Lifestyle Influencer

  • Shikha Bharti - Lifestyle & Travel Influencer

  • Amit Pandya - Fashion Director, High Fashion Stylist & Ramp Walk Etiquette Coach

  • Jyoti Bhujel - Fashion & Travel Influencer

  • Navmita Jyoti - Luxury Lifestyle, F&B, Fashion & Beauty Influencer

  • Dhanalakshmi HB - Fashion & Lifestyle Influencer

  • Deena Pinto - Style Enthusiast & Lifestyle Connoisseur

  • Raoul Rahul - Content Creator & Co-Founder, Reviewmedia

  • Shrishti Jaiswal -Global Influencer

Witnessing the incredible talent on display and the excitement of presenting the awards created a truly cherished memory for all the young designers involved.

Showcasing exceptional talent in fashion design were:

  • Best Pret Wear Award (Women's Category) was awarded to Abhay Sahu & Neelam Prajapath R for the collection Bastar Essence Revived

  • Sustainable Fashion Champion Award was awarded to Priyanka P for the collection Heptad Aura

  • Future Thinking Design Award was awarded to Kavya Prakash for the collection Eternix

  • Fashion for Empowerment Award was awarded to Anshul Rander for the collection SarasWitty - The Knowledge Wars

  • Ready-To-Wear Innovator Award was awarded to Saraah Umrethwala for the collection Decolonised, and Ishwari Chongbang for the collection Ningwaphuma Yuma 

  • Fashion for Diversity and Inclusion Award was awarded to Theerthaa N & Rachna Arvind for the collection 50 Metres

  • Style Innovator Award was awarded to Jeevapragathi J, Pooja L & Saloni Nishad for the collection Express Verse

  • Trailblazer Award was awarded to M Lisha for the collection Chronicles of Origami

  • Fashion for Social Change Award was awarded to Shreni S & Kavya for the collection Heritage Glow

  • Best Design Disruption Award was awarded to Yashaswini Reddy for the collection Memoria: The Rebirth Within

  • Golden Needle Award was awarded to Anarghya Alias Oshin P Inamadar for the collection Kaizen

  • The Alchemist Award was awarded to Roshni Gehlot & Nirosha C N for the collection Dvandva

  • Sustainable Fashion Designer of the Year was awarded to Vinaa Varshini for the collection Auga

  • Critic Award was awarded to Vismitha HM for the collection Grand Millennial, and Pooja R for the collection Sakura Nexus

  • The Thread of Innovation Award was awarded to CT Zohmangaihi for the collection Weave of Love

  • The Tech Couture Award was awarded to Joshika K N & Sandhya B for the collection Cyber Futurism

  • Best Avant-Garde Collection was awarded to Shiuli Banerjee & Shruthi H S for the collection Eco-Chic Decay

  • The Metamorphosis Award was awarded to Shona R & Dharshini R for the collection Pixelated Paradoxes

  • Fashion Forward Award was awarded to Disha Bohra & for the collection Wired

  • The Enigma Award was awarded to Madhuri NM & Hemalatha D for the collection Romantic Goth Glam

  • Anti-Fashion Award was awarded to Harshitha A for the collection Kaló Sto Karkó - Good in Evil

  • The Unconventional Couture Award was awarded to Goutham Kothari for the collection Karmic Aura

  • The Surrealist Style Award was awarded to Gyamar Chach & Kushi P Jain for the collection Arcane Spectrum

Infusing their visionary creativity into the realm of jewellery design were:

  • Best Design was awarded to Jayashree S for the collection Sapthaloka

  • Best Executed Jewellery Collection was awarded to Tanisha Jain for the collection Hana-no-ami

  • Most Innovative Collection was awarded to Elizabeth Varughese for the collection Celestial Echoes

  • Best Concept was awarded to Arpita C Dinni for the collection Luxe Benaras

  • Most Versatile Collection was awarded to Pruthvi M for the collection Conscious Alchemy

  • Best Retail Collection was awarded to Keerthana S for the collection Chaya Maya

With the design industry on the cusp of a revolutionary shift, driven by technological advancements and societal changes, JD Design Awards stands at the forefront of this transformation. We nurture boundless creativity and offer structured mentorship to upcoming designers. Acting as a catalyst for the next wave of design talent, we offer a platform for talent exhibition, industry networking, and acquiring essential knowledge, empowering designers to influence and shape the future of the design landscape.


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