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IPM India Introduces Electric Vehicles to Optimize Sustainable Logistics Network

In a significant step towards sustainability and reducing carbon emissions, IPM India Wholesale Trading Private Limited (IPM India), a country affiliate of Philip Morris International, Inc. (PMI), has introduced electric vehicles (EVs) to its logistics fleet. This initiative, implemented in Delhi-NCR and Mumbai, aims to optimise the company's sustainable logistics network while contributing to its long-term sustainability goals.

The deployment of EVs marks a milestone in IPM India's commitment to sustainable practices, with each vehicle capable of carrying weights up to 1000 kgs and covering a distance of 100 kilometres on a single charge. IPM India expects to save more than 13 tonnes of CO2 emissions by incorporating EVs into their fleet.

Alexander Reisch, Managing Director of IPM India, expressed his excitement about the addition of EVs, stating that sustainability goes beyond minimizing negative externalities for the organization. He emphasized that sustainability is seen as an opportunity for innovation, growth, and purpose-led value creation. Reisch further highlighted the alignment of EV adoption with IPM India's core values, emphasizing the company's commitment to transition towards a carbon-neutral model.

Sharad Aggarwal, CEO of Godfrey Phillips India (GPI), expressed pride in facilitating the introduction of EVs to IPM India's logistics fleet. He emphasized GPI's focus on responsible and sustainable business practices, extending beyond risk mitigation. Aggarwal also mentioned the company's ongoing initiative of using over 350 electric scooters for last-mile product deliveries, further reinforcing their commitment to carbon neutrality.

IPM India's efforts align with the Indian government's push for EV adoption and sustainable logistics. The organization aims to create a sustainable logistics network and contribute to India's journey towards achieving a carbon-neutral environment. IPM India plans to expand its EV fleet across key cities in the country.

IPM India Wholesale Trading Private Limited is a joint venture between Philip Morris Brands Sarl of Switzerland, Godfrey Phillips India Limited (GPI), and K.K. Modi Investment & Financial Services Private Limited. The collaboration showcases their collective dedication to sustainable practices and fostering a carbon-neutral paradigm


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