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India won the match, but at the end women's cricket won

The India Pakistan match is always special for the fans of both countries. But few instances made it even special to watch. The very first instance was the visuals of Bismah Maroof holding her 6-month-old angel Fatima in the stadium. It was one of those instances where a picture says more than a thousand words. The whole world was in awe of the little angel, and admiration of the Pakistan skipper

Bismah Maroof deserves all the appreciation in this world for breaking so many shackles of society at once. The true leader, Bismah went on an indefinite break for her maternity leave. But just post 6 months of her newborn daughter , she resumed national duties. One can just imagine how many hardships she might have gone through to recover so quickly post pregnancy to make a comeback, but she did it. And she didn't just rejoin the team, but she led the Women in Green on the ocassion of her re-arrival in International cricket. Which is why her pics with her daughter in the Tauranga stadium at Mount Maunganui were loved by millions.

In addition to this , the visuals of Indian players visiting Pakistan dressing room to get a glimpse of the Bismah's daughter were heartening to see. The players who have won matches and have dominated the opposition were seen playing with the 6 month old angel like kids. The smile on the faces of all the Indian players while they were playing with the "bundle of happiness " Fatima flooded the social media with positive messages for Indian players. Also, one could visibly notice Bismah Maroof smiling from her heart when all of this was happening.

That is the main purpose of any sport- to bring happiness and positivity. If politicians and policies divide the people, sports unite the people. Sports is all about uniting the people equally as it is about the fighting spirit, aggression and never giving up attitude. Therefore in cricket, one may have lot of opponents , but zero enemies. The instances which happened post the India Pakistan match is a live example of the same. And if this continues to happen, the real purpose of cricket will be served.

Women's cricket in particular is all all about seeing women play their heart and soul for the game. And it is all about gaining equal respect to what men's cricket does have. Leading by example, the great determination shown by Bismah Maroof will definitely add to serve the purpose of bringing equality to some extent in women's game. It will show lot of young girls to follow their career, and still not compromise on a life they want. And the kind gesture of Indian women's team post the match would inspire many people to spread love instead of hatred. Considering all what happened in the game between India and Pakistan, one can definitely say that India might have just won the match, but at the end it was female cricket who emerged out to be victorious.

Wishing all these women who play the game of cricket with sheer dedication a very very Happy Women's Day.

Authored By:- Ashwin Jangam ( Cricket Analyst, Host and Entertainer)


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