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Illuminating Minds and Hearts: Dr. Gretta Sequeira's Educational Odyssey at Aquinas International School

In the dynamic tapestry of education, Dr. Mrs. Gretta Sequeira emerges as a beacon of positivity, wielding a profound goal to empower every student under her tutelage with a holistic education. With an illustrious career spanning 32 years, Dr. Sequeira's journey is an inspiring saga of dedication, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to shaping not just educated minds, but also compassionate and responsible human beings.

Commencing her career as a teacher, Dr. Sequeira ascended to the pinnacle of educational leadership as the Principal, guided by an indomitable spirit ignited during her formative years in the teaching profession. Armed with a B.Ed degree, followed by MA, MA.Ed, Education Management, DSM, and culminating in a recently earned Ph.D. doctorate in Philosophy in Education, Dr. Sequeira has demonstrated an unyielding thirst for knowledge and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Her accolades are a testament to her commitment, adorned with state, national, and international awards for innovative teaching methodologies, recognition as the best international school, and a reputation for practicing the latest trends in education. Dr. Sequeira's teaching journey is a treasury of cherished memories, fueled by her love for students and an astute understanding of their needs and thoughts. This empathy has been the driving force behind her role in planning and designing curricula tailored to students' learning outcomes, creating an enjoyable, stress-free teaching-learning process.

The narrative takes a riveting turn as Dr. Sequeira assumes the mantle of leadership at Aquinas International School, a dynamic institution introduced by Cardinal Oswald Gracious. The school's vision aligns seamlessly with hers, aiming to impart the Cambridge curriculum with affordable fees. Acknowledging the pivotal role played by Fr. Colman, the dynamic manager, and Fr. Robinson, the academic coordinator, Dr. Sequeira expresses her highest regard for these pillars who share her vision.

Emphasizing the holistic nature of the Cambridge curriculum, Dr. Sequeira lauds its systematic, stage-wise, and age-appropriate planning. She rejoices in the synergy between her skills and experiences and the opportunities provided by Aquinas International School. Her success story, she asserts, is a collaborative effort with teachers and students who believed in her, enabling her to explore new teaching-learning trends and garner accolades in the field of education.

As a crowning achievement, Dr. Gretta Sequeira is deeply honored to be recognized with the Healing Light Awards 2024 by Nanhaagyan Foundation for her outstanding contributions to the field of education. This prestigious accolade not only acknowledges her unwavering dedication but also underscores the transformative impact of her work in nurturing young minds. Dr. Sequeira remains committed to her mission of illuminating minds and hearts, guided by the belief that education is a powerful catalyst for positive change.

In conclusion, as the Principal of Aquinas International School (IGCSE) in Mumbai, Dr. Mrs. Gretta Sequeira stands as a testament to the transformative power of education, inspiring a generation to think, dream, and contribute meaningfully to the world.

About Nanhaa Gyan Foundation:

Nanhaa Gyan Foundation, founded by Romal Surana, is a counselling center dedicated to empowering individuals and special needs by providing education, support, and opportunities for personal and academic growth.

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