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Harnessing Your Intuition with Bach Remedies By Rakshaa Chhabriaa

Intuition is an inner feeling of knowing something is right , wrong or dangerous arising without the conscious brain power and knowledge .

Intuition is believed to arise mostly out of the gut when you instinctively know that something you are doing is right or wrong.

It’s a true inner feeling and sense of a moment of real or genuine kindness or fear in another’s face.

Most of the times , you don’t know why you feel that way and cannot justify or explain this in a logical manner as it clearly arises out of subconscious wisdom and still holds true .

But what is it exactly then ?

Researchers definitely can’t see it in the brain. Understanding intuition exactly offers a considerable challenge for science but at the same time it is so powerful in all decision making processes at all ages across borders caste and creed , education and socio - economic backgrounds.

While logical and conscious mind reasoning and analysis are important , Intuition brings a whole new dimension to the decision making process.

 how intuition works and learn how to harness its power
how intuition works and learn how to harness its power

This process is tapping into the subconscious mind , picking up subtle cues and deciding on choices based on what is exactly aligning with our inner selves .

Intuitive decisions are usuallly backed by inner subtle and burried insights which are usuallly overpowered by the learned logical responses and deliberate worldly ways of analysing a problem.

Let’s understand how intuition works and learn how to harness its power and can we really and actually harness our power of intuition in the first place.

Intuition feels unknowable.

We are definitely tapping into an abundant mindset where decision making is based on authenticity of our inner selves and not worldly validation .

You can feel this Intuition in the body either by tension by a cycling recurring thought that won't go away or butterflies in your stomach making you pause and notice small things that others might simply ignore.

 how intuition works and learn how to harness its power
how intuition works and learn how to harness its power

A hyper and heightened sense of sensation in the body easily accessing the information they need when it comes to making a decision.

It’s unexplainable thinking behind a snap decision that appears out of nowhere in day to day life also held in the unconscious framework.

Creativity also stems from intuition and I feel that they are actually 2 sides of the same coin .

Can we really make our intuitive power stronger and also increase our trust on that screaming voice within with Bach Remedies ?

Yes we can .

Let’s explore how .

So whether you are a sportsman , a businessman , a student , a parent , a teacher , a politician , a pilot , a soldier , an actor director or an investor you have to make important decisions all through and sometimes on a daily basis . And how often do you make wrong decisions and feel .. shit I should have done that .. shit I knew this …

You still make wrong calls and wrong decisions and suffer losses and then regret but still continue in this vicious cycle again and again and again .

And more the decisions to be made , more is the power you should harness from your intuition.

The Cerato Bach Flower Remedy is one of the many Bach remedies that plays an important role in improving ones potential to undoubtedly trust one's own intuition and inner guidance.

Cerato along with other remedies helps you align with your inner voice and make decisions based on it confidently .

So In the positive Cerato state, an individual confidently makes their own decisions without the need of other people's opinions or input.

Combinations along with Cerato encourage the positive potential to encourage strength of mind, find trust in your own inner wisdom, and follow it.

It prohibits doubt on self , making you more decisive and self-assured in making correct decisions .

So if you are in the process of goal setting , making a career choice or any other major decision , career change or transition , any huge financial decision or marriage or partnership decision and need to make important decisions , it’s highly recommended to take bach remedies for a few days so as to align with your inner voice , trust it confidently without external validation and second-guessing . Bach remedies help to restore self-assurance and boost’s confidence by bringing clarity of thought in individuals to rely on their own intuition when making choices.

Bach flower remedies can be used by all ages including infants and pregnant women on a daily basis in the modern world to keep us aligned with our inner power , pick up subtle cues , understand our body signals and align ourselves to have the perfect health .

So let’s stop feeling .. shit I knew this and let’s start feeling shit I know this .. and yes it’s possible with Bach Remedies .

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