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Glimpses of Science Day celebrated at Patparganj by Spherule Foundation and IBPS

For two years, schools were closed due to the pandemic of Covid-19 and it has made an impact on the lives of students. Not only in the sphere of education but their routine habits have been changed and they are still struggling to get on track again. The great divide has also been seen in the students due to their socio-economic backgrounds as some could afford high-fees of private institutions and continued with their online classes but on the other hand, there are many such eyes who have dreams yet had to drop out due to the bad economic condition of the households. In that condition, IBPS (Integrated Biopharma and Pharma Solutions) and Spherule Foundation, a Non-profit organization came forward and joined hands to support children whose growth was halted during the pandemic through Instashala Digital Classes.

Spherule Foundation with its CSR partner IBPS helped 200 government school students by providing stationary centres kits, digital classes, and mobile data packs for online classes during the third wave of the pandemic. Students who do not have smartphones are also being provided access to tabs through their educators to attend the online classes. Currently, six centers are running under this project at Patparganj and Kalkaji in Delhi.

Besides this, educators are also meeting parents and spreading awareness regarding the importance of education and parenting during this crucial and sensitive time as children spend more time with their parents and parents should also understand the socio-emotional needs of their children.

Many curricular activities have also been organised for students to redevelop enthusiasm and passion towards studies which was lost in the last two years. Recently, Science Day was celebrated at Patparganj on 23rd of February, 2022. Students were happy and excited to learn novel experiments and projects. More than 40 students participated in the science models and posters competitions. During this program, they also learnt leadership, teamwork and communication skills regarding the presentation of their models and they used their creative minds in making this program more vibrant and successful.

After this program, they felt more excited and eagerly waiting for future programs.


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