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Glimpses of one day-long workshop on Leadership in Academics by Christ ( Deemed to be) University

Christ ( Deemed to be) University, Lavasa, Pune conducted a day-long workshop on Leadership in Academics for school principals from across Maharashtra. The Lavasa campus is more popularly known as “The Hub of Analytics”.

The school principals were addressed by the Dean & Director, Dr. Fr Jossy P George on how to use leadership skills to get the best from the faculty and other stakeholders. When to give freedom, when to give financial incentives to ensure that faculty remains motivated to perform. Fr Jossy also shared it is important to share our success stories and our stories of failure.

Ms. Kaja Chattija, Founder of Edu-Drone- We Connect, gifted Fr Jossy the book titled We Are Leaders, which has contributions from 30 plus education leaders.

The session on Leadership in Academics was conducted by Ms. Arpita Ghosh, Creative Facilitator – Center for Experiential Learning at Christ (Deemed to be) University.

The 5-hour session was highly engaging and interactive. Discovering what really is meant by good leadership qualities, we had a list of 42 attributes. Learning about the 3 C’s – Communication, Creativity, and Collaboration to achieve our goals. We played, wrote songs, danced, and learned all the way.

It was a day well spent, learning, sharing, and getting to know each other. If you hosted such a workshop within your reach , stay connected with stay featured.


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