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Masina Hospital hosts a Mega Diabetes Camp to Spread Awareness about the disease

Masina Hospital, one of Mumbai’s leading legacy healthcare centers joined the global observation of World Diabetes Day on 14th November 2022 by hosting a free Mega Diabetes Camp to spread awareness about the disease. The diabetes camp was organized on the hospital premises and inaugurated by Dr. Vispi Jokhi, CEO of Masina Hospital, Mr. Khushrow Major, joint CEO of Masina Hospital, and the dedicated team of consultants and management.

The camp witnessed the participation of over 200 citizens who got a holistic check-up and a better understanding of measures to assess, control and manage Diabetes.

The diabetes camp provided free tests and check-ups for diabetes foot check-ups, Diabetes eye check-ups, basic blood tests and report generation, blood pressure check-ups and BMI checks, consultations from senior endocrinologists, physiotherapists, dieticians, and guidance for occupational therapy. The hospital hosted a walkathon for the patrons to promote healthy living and the importance of physical exercise.

On this occasion, Dr. Vispi Jokhi, CEO of Masina Hospital said, “As per reports, 2021 witnessed 67 lakh deaths caused due to Diabetes across the globe. Also, estimates indicate that 53.7 Crores (1 in 10) people in this world are diabetic but undiagnosed. There is a critical need to educate the citizens and address this wildfire. In line with this year’s theme – Education to protect tomorrow’, we took this initiative to host an awareness-focused mega diabetes camp to educate people and help curb this parallel cancer spreading in our society.

Overall, the camp was a successful drive that conveyed the message of winning over Diabetes by making proactive changes in life and seeking consultation at the right time.


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