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G. L. Group's Airwave Fans' Product Launch Event Held at Radisson Hotel in Pune

As electricity and pollution are becoming more and more complex, “AIRWAVE” is the way to help people keep up with the complexity of saving money, electricity and pollution.”

Airwave takes advantage of this and turns the compressor off a little before reaching the target temperature. Then it runs the fan alone until it reaches the temperature you want. This can help save energy and keep you comfortable.

Team Stay featured is feeling glad to tell a cohesive story with an innovative and flawlessly executed launch event experience of G. L. Group's Airwave Fans' Product Launch Event Held at Radisson Hotel in Pune.

G. L. Group's AirWave Fans' product launch event was recently held at the Radisson Hotel in Kharadi, Pune. Famous model, actor and producer Vishal Gore and famous model-actress Zeba Sheikh have acted in this advertisement for Airwave Fans.

The program was inaugurated by the dignitaries with the lighting of lamps. On the occasion of this product launch event, Shalini Foundation President, Producer Famous Model and Social Activist Vishal Gore, Fashion Model Zeba Sheikh, Founder President of GL Group Ayush Raj, Model and Actress Dr Prachiti Munde, model Sara Motiwala, Anil Nangia, Anil Jha etc. were present on the occasion.

Vishal Gore is a known name for the music album Bol Na Tu and has acted in various other music albums. Vishal Gore has established Shalini Foundation through which he has carried out various social activities. Airwave Fan saves electricity bills and money. This fan is now available to customers everywhere at reasonable and reasonable prices. The event was attended by dignitaries from various fields. The program was moderated by Simran Patekar

Don't forget to watch the complete commercial on this link


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