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From Vision to Victory: Rujetah Dedgay's Journey for Empowering Neurodivergent Children Through Sports

"A little progress each day adds up to BIG results," is not just a saying for Rujetah Dedgay, it's a mantra she lives by. In 2019, Rujetah embarked on a remarkable journey by founding RD Extreamers with an audacious vision: transforming neurodivergent children into athletes.

Fast forward four and a half years, and not only has she realized this vision, but she has also exceeded expectations, positively impacting the lives of over 100 children through an impressive 6500+ sessions.

Beyond mere numbers, Rujetah's commitment to her students is evident in her 100 percent success rate in teaching skating and cycling. Her unwavering dedication to her craft emphasizes the importance of consistency and patience as the cornerstones for unlocking the extraordinary abilities these children possess, especially in the realm of sports.

What sets RD Extreamers apart is its truly inclusive approach. Rujetah is currently training children with Autism, Down Syndrome, and Cerebral Palsy under one umbrella, dismantling barriers and fostering unity through sports. Regardless of their differences, each child receives personalized attention, with training methods tailored to their unique personalities.

Rujetah's vision for RD Extreamers extends beyond athletic achievement; it encompasses a holistic approach to development:

  1. Connecting Intellectually Disabled Children with Sports: Rujetah aims to bridge the gap between neurodivergent children and the world of sports, offering them opportunities for growth and inclusion.

  2. Promoting Confidence Through Sports Activities: By involving her students in various sports activities, Rujetah nurtures their self-assurance, empowering them to tackle challenges head-on.

  3. Prioritizing Physical Fitness: Introducing fitness into their routines, Rujetah ensures that her students remain physically active, promoting not just athletic prowess but also overall well-being.

  4. Personalized Coaching: Recognizing that each child has unique needs and abilities, Rujetah provides personalized coaching tailored to individual requirements and fitness levels, ensuring that no one is left behind.

Throughout her journey, she has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of sports. Beyond the physical benefits, her students have grown in confidence, developed essential life skills, and formed lasting friendships. RD Extreamers isn't just a training centre; it's a community—a haven where children of all abilities can thrive and shine.

As RD Extreamers continues to make strides, Rujetah remains committed to her mission of empowering neurodivergent children. With unwavering determination and boundless compassion, she proves that with the right support and encouragement, every child can reach their full potential.

In a world where differences are often stigmatized, RD Extreamers stands as a beacon of inclusivity and hope, proving that diversity is not a barrier but a source of strength. As Rujetah Dedgay continues to inspire and uplift, her legacy of empowerment will continue to resonate for generations to come.

RD Extreamers extends heartfelt gratitude to the Nanha Gyan Foundation for the esteemed Healing Light Awards 2024. This recognition is a testament to the collective effort to positively impact the lives of neurodivergent children. We are honoured to receive this acknowledgement and share it with our dedicated team, supportive families, and, most importantly, the inspiring children who make every achievement possible.

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About Nanhaa Gyan Foundation:

Nanhaa Gyan Foundation, founded by Romal Surana, is a counselling center dedicated to empowering individuals and special needs by providing education, support, and opportunities for personal and academic growth.

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