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From now just tap the flow of news, cause The NewsTap is coming on the floor!

This is a digital world and staying up to date has become necessary nowadays. To do this, we often rely on digital news portals. But in Bengal, there are very few Kolkata based English independent news portals. But this scarcity is now going to be removed as a new independent English news portal is going to launch soon in Kolkata. The name of the portal is

Here you will find authentic news with detailed analysis. At a faster pace, a world of news will be in front of you. You can get news of politics, crime, lifestyle, sports and entertainment.

A youth team with their passion and talent has come up with the idea of, the team promised to be a trustworthy source of news in the English language because of its user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface, which is aimed at generating a whopping nearly 10 million page views monthly in the future. has been launching under Smack Online Services (SOS Media Network). This media network has two other news portals which run in the Bengali language. One is, which has become a leading news portal in West Bengal with more than millions of readers per month and another is which is an entertainment website that provides each kind of entertainment news from Bollywood to Tollywood. This entertainment portal has started its operations a few days ago but in this short period, it has gained lots of popularity. And has been running its work successfully for 2 years.

The founder of Smack Online Services (SOS Media Network) Koushik Gupta said, "It is our pleasure that we are providing the truthful news contents to our readers. After the Bengali language, we wanted to expand our work area so we entered the English media world because we think we have a duty as media persons to cater truthful news to a larger audience. Hence, saw the daylight."

Content Head Arundhati Das said, "It is so delightful to work with this young team of writers and reporters. We will do our best to make a successful independent English news portal from West Bengal."

So, be ready to get an authentic and detailed analysis of every news content you like to read.


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