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Featured by Stay Featured : Sreemoyee Mazumder

My Name is Sreemoyee Mazumder educator,child psychologist and social activist born and brought up in a small town (Tinsukia) in North East. As a child, I was a very happy and jolly person with a very simple lifestyle. Being from a rich family still, my parents taught me to be down-to-earth.

I lost 3 babies which broke me from the inside but after my daughter, Inaaya was born my life has taken 360°turn. I started to grow and learn every second of my life from that day. She is a Child Prodigy and received many records and awards.

My professional life begins in 2009 as an Educator. I worked with many renowned institutions and then later I pursued my future studies in the UK as a Clinical Child Psychologist and also continued my work life there.

During COVID Lockdown many kids were affected mentally and emotionally and I feel privileged to help them through online without any charges. Many people want to know more about my patients but only because of my name and fame I can't disclose it.

I never expected any return or rewards for my work it's just a mental satisfaction which I get when I see my little patients get betterment.

As a social activist, I started my journey when I was in 12th standard and my parents always supported me. It's dere upbringing which always encouraged me to look toward humanity. And last but not least feelings blessed to have a wonderful man in my life my husband Paritosh to be the root and hold me in every way every day.

on 24th April 2022, I was felicitated with Maa Award

During childhood, I received many awards but this award is very special to me as a mom first time I have received an award.TZP has changed my daughter's and mine life. My heartful of gratitude is for Sejal di and Ekta di who has always been self-respect motivator and contributor to uplift a person like me. and my final thank you to my husband Paritosh who was always there with me like root so that I can grow like a tree.

Maa Award is not only an award but respect and tribute to given us for all the hard work and dedication towards the responsibility and support. Sejal di, Astha di, and Ekta di not only presented The Maa Award but also uplifted our confidence and self respect which is very very important in every mother's life. We go through so many ups and downs but few people understand us and the Tare Zameen Par family is one of them.

on this note, I want to convey

Never underestimate any mother because if they have given birth to a new life that means they are the strongest person to achieve anything they want or will. Always have self-respect before expecting from others.

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