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Exceptional Women Who Are The Prides Of India

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

The exceptional women who are the prides Of India includes Mayaa SH,Ruchi Rachit Singla,Payal Chowdhury, Manisha Venkatesan,Seema Mishra,Megavarthini.R,Mansi Sali and Kadambari Gupta.INKZOID FOUNDATION honoured these legendary talents on Independence Day as it was an initiative by the founder of INKZOID, Durlav Sarkar to feature and felicitate the prides of India and it is also a symbolism of women empowerment shown by his team.

• Mayaa SH

Mayaa SH is a women empowerment crusader and a visionary with definitions that stretch far beyond the silhouette of the star lit sky. Her belief that nothing in life can dilute the Courage and Grit that defines the mettle of an individual establishes her philosophy of life from Tagore’s work “Gitanjali”- The essence of it that God is within us. She is an avid enthusiast of writing and has been a co-author in 40 plus anthologies. An expert in addressing that multisectoral interventions that are needed Social Service Workforce to Enact policy and legislation for social service work, practice and organisational standards are some of the key enable learners to be advocates for the importance of social service workforce strengthening (SSWS).

Mayaa started with navigating many women at an INR 1 to help redefine their lives to their maximum fullest and by listening to them. This journey made her realise that a lot of work has to still be undertaken for Integration of actions to end violence against women into broader policies such as poverty reduction, housing, education, gender responsive planning, and development policies at all levels of the society. An excerpt of her writing “There is no haemoglobin in my blood but Titanium” highlights on Courage which is such a power within a person that can change the world.

Mayaa is a

• Signatory and Pledge Holder For United Nations Human Rights Office Of The Commissioner – StandUp4HumanRights

• Member -United States Institute Of Peace (USIP) and attendee to Online Event Engaging Afghan Women and Civil Society in U.S. Policy making- four existing forums of Afghan stakeholders — convened by the Atlantic Council, the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security.

• Human Right Champion and Pledge Holder at - The United Nations Association of the USA (UNA-USA)

• Pledge Holder Madre -CEDAW for Ingenious Women and Girls to advocate to uphold greater recognition of the collective and individual rights of Indigenous women and girls.

• Signatory Equal Representation In Arbitration (EPA)- a call for the international arbitration community to commit to increase, on an equal opportunity basis, the number of women appointed as arbitrators.

• Signatory and Volunteer at Audiopedia Movement - Audiopedia is a non-profit project

Its mission is to bring free audio learning to women and girls in developing countries with the purpose of quickly closing the gender knowledge gap

• Parity Pledge Signatory – Parity PLEDGE, simply agreeing to interview and consider at least one qualified woman and one qualified person of colour for every open VP, C-Suite, and Board position. No deadlines. No quotas.

• She Can (Redefining Tomorrow’s Leadership): Equality Pledge Signatory to make a commitment to reach global equality goals.

Apart from this she has several accolades in form of Certifications from UNICEF and UN Women on:

• Disability Inclusion on Humanitarian

• Coordination

• Emergency Preparedness and Response

• Inclusive communication module

• Strategies to strengthen the Social Service Workforce for Child Protection

• An Introduction to Thinking and Working Politically

• Understanding violence against women and girls

• Introduction to Child Protection

• Ruchi Rachit Singla

Ruchi Rachit Singla hails from Hisar, Haryana, India. She completed her Masters in Pharmacy from Hindu College of Pharmacy, Haryana. Currently, she is staying in Mumbai, Maharashtra.Her keen interest in research led her to choose R&D as her profession. She is currently working as a Research Scientist for a leading pharmaceutical company with more than a decade of experience.

She has a passion for writing. She got it in her genes from her mother.She loves writing motivational poems, articles, and quotes. She has compiled eight anthologies so far (Jindagi ek paheli, Season of colours, Bachpan, Umeed, Sweet memories, Udane do mujhe, Way to happiness and Wings of motivation). Her poetry focuses on unsaid heartfelt words which connect her with her readers.

She is also co-author of a poetry book - “Baatein Kuch Unkhai si”.She loves to spend time with her family.She created world record by writing 11 liner poem in which every line starts with alphabet "L".

You can explore her write-up and quotes on Instagram @ ruchi_singla_7.

Her message: Believe in working hard and focus on what you want to do in your life. A journey to achieve a goal cannot be easy as it is full of ups and downs.

If you are persistent towards goal without getting distracted by problems or situations, you will definitely achieve your goal.

Also, spend some time on your hobby because that will make you happy and give you inner peace and relaxation.

• Payal Chowdhury

Payal Chowdhury,a Bengali girl hails from Belpahar,Odisha. Her father is a businessman. She started writing as a hobby at the age of 10 and gradually her hobby turned to passion. Professionally she is a teacher and passionately a writer. She has completed her Masters degree in English and has also pursued fashion designing course under the guidance of Anuradha Jha (designer at Decathlon,UK) .Started her writing career since November, 2020 initially wrote quotes only later on she wrote poems,fictions,microtales and articles.She is a compiler,promoter, ambassador,buddying podcaster,co-author of 400+anthologies within 7 months. Apart from these she loves choreography, singing,painting and acting.

She is also known as the Pride of Belpahar,Odisha as she created a world record by writing 100 motivational quotes in 50 minutes. She wrote 4lines for each quote and her name enters in INKZOID BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS 2021.

She has been honored with various awards such as Aloha Award,Indian Noble Award,Rising Star Award (Multi-talent) award and has achieved Gold medal as well.She has also achieved the Shining Star Awards,Iconic Personality Award, Unique Personality Award.Along with that she has been awarded with the title of "WRITER OF THE YEAR" AWARD.

• Manisha Venkatesan

Manisha Venkatesan is a very happy go lucky girl who is pursuing a BS in Applied Management. Her biggest passion is writing. Manisha has participated in 100+ anthologies. She has also won world record certificates for the first two seasons of Inkzoid Podcasts. Manisha is also the compiler of the "Ladders Of Love", "Man With A Pure Heart", "A King With Shinning Shield", "A Truly Inspiring Women", "A Step Ahead To Achieve", "Unsaid Feelings" and many other anthologies! She is also the founder of Ibaadat-E-Kalam. She has received "The Best Writer Of 2022" Award From Inkzoid Foundation & also she has gotten named as one of "18 Gems Of India"!

• Seema Mishra

Seema Mishra , One of the Legendary Budding Talent of India . She has become a world record holder by showing her exceptional expertise in singing . She sung continuously for 1 hour and covered 59 Odia Mukhras which was a beautiful blend of both Odia Bhajan and Ollywood Songs .

Seema shows interest not only in singing , but also in painting and poetry . She had also been a co-author in number of anthologies .

She hails from Nayagarh district of Odisha and is currently pursuing Graduation with Economics Honors at BJB Autonomous College , Bhubaneswar .

Seema is very much thankful to Inkzoid Foundation and especially Durlav Sarkar , the founder of this growing talent stage , for providing her with the invaluable opportunity to exhibit her proficiency in the public eye .

• Megavarthini R.

Megavarthini, a 19 year old teenage girl, from Salem, who is a creative short story writer and also a poet. She is an Arts student pursuing B.A English from Sri Sarada College for Women, Salem. She is a disciplined person with very high self-confidence, and hard working in achieving her goals. She is very caring and knows how to treat a person with respect and equality. Her short story "A Brother's Gift" was published in an Anthology named, "The stories of 10 colours". It shows her skills in fantasy short story writing with moral values. Her name was also entered in the “INKZOID Book of Records” for compiling the above mentioned anthology. Her name was entered in the multiple book of world records for writing a 20 T-liner poem where all the starting letters of each line is ‘T’ as ‘T’ is the 20th letter of the English alphabetical order and she got ‘Grand Master’ title for that record. You can follow her @megavarthini.r in Instagram.

• Mansi Sali

Mansi, who belongs to Maharashtra has been a part of writing journey since she was in 10th class. She is pursuing her graduation in BBA field under the Marketing specialization. She realised her potential to compose and started penning down her good & worst experiences on the paper. She then felt that her work is worth to be read by the world and that's when she was co-authored in the book called, 'Power of Words' for the very first time. She loves to write about the happening world, her famous compilations are Unsaid Words of the Realistic World and Divergent Musings- An Affliction or Cure?

Besides this, she has been co-authored in the anthologies like Extinction, Happiness is a Butterfly, Incarnation - World's Biggest Anthology, etc. She has won many writing contests and is looking forward to gain more through her compositions, her writing speaks of the bitter truth and the various emotions the people hide behind those smiling faces. She is a very good speaker and has been a part of IMUN too, she is also into reading, music, dancing, travelling and mythology.

• Kadambari Gupta

Kadambari Gupta studied in dps mathura road and then pursued political science

Honours from delhi university followed by pg diploma in human rights and LL. B. from Mewar law Institute she loves to write poems and has co authored over hundred anthologies has a poem on motivation uploaded on YouTube and has won Aagaz virtual legal competition.

INKZOID FOUNDATION honoured these legendary talents on Independence Day as it was an initiative by the founder of INKZOID, Durlav Sarkar to feature and felicitate the prides of India and it is also a symbolism of women empowerment shown by his team.


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