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Empowering the Drive: BAJA SAEINDIA 2024 Celebrates Women in Mobility with Inspiring Event

In a groundbreaking celebration of Women's Day, the SAEINDIA and BVRIT College joined forces on Friday for a special event at the Narsapur campus, centered around BAJA SAEINDIA 2024. The occasion, aptly named "Women in Mobility," aimed to spotlight the invaluable contributions of women in the transportation industry.

Dr. KC Vohra, a prominent figure associated with BAJA SAEINDIA 2024, emphasized the pivotal role women play in driving innovation within the mobility sector. Drawing attention to Cummins India, where 40% of the workforce comprises women, Dr. Vohra underscored the increasing impact of women in the industry.

In a thought-provoking address, Dr. Vohra posed the question of why women excel, stating that their resilience in enduring childbirth reflects their capability to excel in any role. He highlighted the physical and mental strength of women, challenging stereotypes prevalent in the workforce.

The event showcased accomplished women in the automobile industry, including National Rally Driver Shivani Parmar, Khushbhoo Gupta from Hero MotoCorp, Gayatri Kemburu of Renault Nissan Tech, Elangeswari from Detroit Engineering Products, Gunnam Lasya from Tata Motors, and Dr. H Sujana of BVRIT College.

Dr. H Sujana urged women to believe in themselves, referencing a Harvard Survey that revealed men tend to have more self-confidence. Gayatri Kemburu dismantled stereotypes by asserting that the mobility sector is no longer male-dominated, citing Vietnam's example where 62% of the population works in the field, compared to India's 15 to 20%.

Gunnam Lasya highlighted the achievements of Sri Vishnu Institute of Technology, an all-girl engineering college, where over 200 girls produced more than 10 all-terrain off-road vehicles. She emphasized Tata Motors' commitment to diversity, with over 2000 women working on the all-women assembly line for Tata Safari and Harrier SUVs.

Gayatri emphasized the profitability of diversity in organizations, noting that many companies are actively pursuing diversity recruitment. Khushbhoo Gupta highlighted the government's emphasis on diversity, with industries striving to incorporate more women in both traditional and emerging roles.

The event featured a panel discussion moderated by Deepti Singh, Deputy General Manager at Renault Nissan Tech and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Ambassador of Renault Nissan. Women in Mobility celebrated the achievements of exemplary leaders in the sector, providing insights into their career journeys and inspiring the next generation of leaders.

The program aimed to increase women's representation in the field, providing a platform for sharing opportunities, exploring synergies, and equipping aspiring leaders with tools for professional growth. The highlight of the celebration was the "Women's Exclusive Mini-Endurance Race," featuring all-terrain road electric buggies, adding a thrilling and empowering dimension to the event.


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