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Dr Piyush Goel delivered an Amazing Experience During Instagram Live Interaction

Team Stay Featured was honoured to an interview session with Mirror Image Man of India -Dr. Piyush Goel is gifted with a unique talent for doing mirror image writing and has created 16 books in mirror image style.

It's an amazing experience to be part of this session hosted by Prachetan Potadar

The first session was at the peak of eloquence and excitement when Dr Piyush Goyal had demonstrated a few of his mirror writing styles and spelling memorization techniques.

In this first Session, We witnessed top-notch performances in honour of our chief guest by Singer Mansi Samudre, Poetess Shweta Chaturvedi, Poet Vishwadeep Singh.

2nd half was no exceptions, where Dr Piyush Goel revealed some of his life experiences while answering some tricky questions. He was a bit emotional while sharing an accidental pain, and then the loss of his uncle.

This session was the actual reason why he loves to cherish everyone out there. During this, He conveyed valuable tips to young singer Mansi Samudre who offered a prayer -Itni Shakti Hame Dena Data

The last 15 minutes witness mixed emotional drive when Writer Shiddat asked some unique rapid-fire questions to date. Dr Piyush Appreciated her dedication to crafting those questions so we'll

Dr Manjeet Dahiya, Ashwin Jangam was one of those attentive audiences who dropped creative comments from time to time.which made the session completely interactive

If you missed all these moments, no worries, here are the links

Part 1:

Part 2


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